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Rooney Mara, the new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Allure magazine. In her coverstory interview, Rooney talks a bit about the physical transformations her body went thru in order to bring the character of Lisbeth Salander to life in David Fincher’s new film. From body piercings (real) to tattoos (fake), Rooney had to undergo a total make-over to turn from her usual wholesome-looking self into the gritty Dragon Tattoo girl. Click below to see some photos from Rooney’s Allure photospread and read some excerpts from her interview.

It is not for the faint hearted, but Rooney Mara has revealed she got her nipple pierced in order to get into character for her role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In an interview with Allure magazine, the 25-year-old explains that she went through with the painful ordeal to really embody the role of computer-hacker, and often naked, Lisabeth Sander. ‘I’m naked quite a lot in the movie, and I thought, she has it in the book, and she should have it [in the movie],’ she told the publication. ‘Because of all the tattoos and the makeup and the piercings, and the physical transformations my body has to go through, it would always feel sort of like I was in costume, even if I was naked. ‘It just felt like a good one to get – a necessary one to get.’ On the subject of nakedness, Mara added that she had no qualms about stripping off. ‘Nudity is such a huge part of the character in the book, so I never thought twice about it. There was no time for hesitation. I didn’t have time to second-guess anything or be scared; I just showed up and was comfortable,’ she explained. The carefree actress also said that she wasn’t worried about lopping off her long locks, nor wearing a more masculine wardrobe, which she says has now translated into her own current style. ‘People always ask, “Were you crying when they cut your hair?’ And it didn’t freak me out at all. I was really happy to do it,’ she said. ‘I used to wear a lot of girlie, frilly things, now I buy things that are more comfortable, and more utilitarian, and sort of boyish.’

I remember being extremely surprised when I first learned that Rooney got the part of Lisbeth in Fincher’s version of Dragon Tattoo. Her girlie image did not jibe with my image of the character. But, as I’ve said all along, I absolutely trust that David Fincher knows what he is doing … and if he could see Lisbeth Salander in Rooney Mara then she was the right person for the part. Now, I’ve yet to see the film for myself but I have been very impressed with everything I’ve seen thus far. From the first moment I saw the W magazine photospread Rooney did in character as Lisbeth back in January of this year, I knew she would make an excellent Lisbeth. At this point, we know she got the look down … until we see the film, we’ll have to reserve judgement. But, I’m not worried. The reviews of Dragon Tattoo are starting to come out and I’m happy to learn they are all positive. I cannot wait to see and judge for myself.

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  • Chase


  • JCZ

    I’ve read to negative reviews. I’m trying to ignore them as much as possible. I will probably like it – but I do agree that the film really didn’t need to be made.

    I’m glad it has though cause I’d like to see a different take.

    • @JCZ — “I will probably like it – but I do agree that the film really didn’t need to be made.” Considering that 90% of the US audience has never and prolly would never watch the Swedish film, I’d say that a story as compelling as this HAD to be made for a US audience. Fincher isn’t in it for the money. He makes amazing films.

    • Amy

      I can’t wait! I liked the originals, but the story is so incredible, I feel it can be taken further. Especially book/movie #3 – I feel the intensity can really be taken up a notch. And I think they have just the right person to do it in David Fincher.

    • Katie

      I’ve read mostly good reviews so far. I keep meaning to watch the Swedish versions but just haven’t. I’m very excited about this movie.