Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Bring Their Romantic Dalliance Back To NYC


Last week we saw cute photos of actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds looking all kinds of romantic together as they vacayed in Utah for the Thanksgiving holiday. Because the couple thought they were being sneaky, Ryley unabashedly showed off lots of public displays of affection together. Today we get to see a new photo of the couple back in the “real world” of NYC and altho they still seem happy to be seen together in public, they really put the kibosh on the PDA in front of the photogs.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have enjoyed yet another romantic weekend together, this time in the Big Apple. The star couple were spotted grabbing coffee in New York City before taking a romantic stroll together. A week earlier the pair were enjoying an intimate getaway in beautiful colonial town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. And the weekend before that, a quick getaway to a secluded bed and breakfast hotel in Utah.
It seems the couple cannot bear to be apart for more than a few days. Bundled up against the chilly New York winter, the pair looked perfectly matched in their stylish hats and colour coordinated gray and blue outfits for their latest outing. While their relationship is no secret after the fellow actors were spotted at the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast sharing a series of lingering looks and passionate kisses, the couple kept their faces hidden from cameras. The Mill claims to offer ‘the ultimate experience in connecting with that one special person in your life.’ It was recently reported in The New York Post that the Gossip Girl actress and Reynolds are looking for an apartment together in the city.

Despite the fact that Blake and Ryan are walking a few paces apart, heads down and seemingly uninterested in one another … you can tell they are DESPERATELY IN LURVE! I mean, the fact that they have no problem being seen walking together on the same street in NYC is proof positive that they are ready to be at least a wee bit public about their romance. I really think the reports that these two are lookin’ to shack up are true … I can see this relationship going the distance. Are they meant to be together forever? Possibly. But I really do think these two could be an item for quite some time ;)


  • KS

    It’s interesting that there are more pics of the 2 if them together in the last 2 weeks than of him & Scarlett through their entire marriage!

    • @KS — Yes … that thought occurred to me too.

  • nicole

    the more i see these two together, the more i really like them as a couple

  • Krissy

    The B&B where they were staying in Utah is owned by Blake’s sister. Interesting that in the picture of them kissing, their heads are directly over the sign showing the name of the Bed and Breakfast.

    Usually if paparazzi can find you in the middle of nowhere, it is because staff at the place you are staying ratted you out. I am guessing, but it does seem like the Utah pics were set up by Blake and her sister. Paparazzi just don’t hang out in Utah waiting for celebs to pop up.

    • @Krissy — Interesting. I didn’t know that Blake’s sister owned the B&B. I assumed a photog followed them to Utah … but your theory seems more likely.

    • guest

      Do you think the pics and video of Scarlett and Ryan kissing on his motorbike out in the middle of nowheres were not arranged? Those were the first pics of them together after weeks of rumors about them dating. How about Garfield and Emma Stone loving it up on an amazingly empty street in NYC? Anne Hathaway and her bf, now fiancee in similarly empty Central Park? Leo DiCaprio and his latest model in yet another empty park?

      It’s very common for celebrities to announce their new relationships by arranging to be photographed. It doesn’t mean they are suddenly paparazzi friendly or want them following their every move. It means they know the interest is there and they are taking control of the situation, confirming the relationships on their own terms rather than rewarding the paps who stalk them with PDA or letting the tabloids tell their story.

  • Claire

    I love them together!