The Boy Who Finished The ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Book


Yesterday was my last day in Detroit and, thankfully, it was a very nice and lazy one. I spent most of the day chillin’ with my friends Sarah and Mark as we watched the Detroit Lions football game on TV. For a minute, we actually considered heading down to Ford Field to attend the game but our laziness got the better of us. I can’t say that I’m upset that we stayed indoors all day long … especially since we were so cozy and warm inside together.

My parents came over for a quick visit and then it was time for me to fly back home to LA. At long last, I was finally able to finish reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

I’ve been meaning to read the book forEVER and used my entire 5 hour flight time home to finish the book. It’s true what everyone says … the first half of the book is slow reading but once the action gets going, the book is impossible to put down. As much as I loved Noomi Rapace as the original Girl in the Swedish film adaptation, she kinda doesn’t match the character description of Lisbeth Salander from the book. I had a much easier time envisioning tiny, super skinny Rooney Mara as Lisbeth. Altho I already knew the story from seeing the Swedish film, the Dragon Tattoo book was an exciting read. It’s easy to see why it is such a HUGE hit among readers. I am now more anxious than ever to see the David Fincher film version of Dragon Tattoo. I urge you all to READ THE BOOK if you get the chance, before you see the film. Actually, READ THE BOOK even after you see the film. It’s an excellent and very enjoyable read.

Tonight … David and I will be making our way to the Staples Center to see Jay-Z and Kanye West in concert. It should be a blast. It is SO nice to be back home in LA again :D Happy Monday!!

  • I definitely recommend finishing the series. the last two books move at a much quicker pace and i had a hard time putting them down, so so good. cannot wait to see this movie!

    • Vicky

      The last two books are so intense I seriously stayed up for 48 hours reading them. I could not stop!

  • Chase

    It’s about time, boo! It’s such an amazing book even though it can be quite tedious at times. I, too, envisioned Rooney as Lisbeth because Noami isn’t…rough and is a bit pretty for Lisbeth.

  • Balito

    LOL… I love that blanket!!! :)

  • BCDanielle

    Enjoy the concert! I’m going on Saturday :D

  • Katie

    I almost gave up on the book the first time. Too many characters with similar names. I had no idea what was going on! I’m glad I stuck it out.

  • Meghan

    Keep a note pad handy for the last book! Lots of characters and names of departments within the Swedish government!

  • Geana

    Aaaahhhhh! I’m almost finished with it! This is my second attempt and this book and god the beginning was slow and so is the end! But I have hope after reading what people said about the next 2!

  • lizlizsamsampaulpaulmalissamelissa

    any more? gotta be