Lionsgate Is Planning A Remake Of The Film ‘American Psycho’


Ugh … it is with a heavy and disappointed heart that I pass along the TERRIBLE news that Lionsgate films is moving forward with a remake of the already amazing film American Psycho. As you should be well aware, American Psycho stars the superb Christian Bale as the complex character Patrick Bateman … and the film itself already stands as one of the perfect horror-type films of the new century. As a result, Hollywood thinks it’s time to go back and try and suck some more money out of the story by putting out remake version of the film. No star has yet been attached to the remake but a writer has been chosen. Read on for all the known deets about this horrible plan to remake an already perfect film.

Lionsgate has tapped Noble Jones to write and direct a reimagining of “American Psycho,” based on Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel. The low-budget project, which has not yet been greenlit at Lionsgate, is in the early stages of development at the studio. Set in Manhattan during the Wall Street boom of the late 1980s, “American Psycho” concerns Patrick Bateman, a wealthy investment banker by day who becomes a homicidal maniac by night. Mary Harron previously adapted the book for the 2000 feature starring Christian Bale. Jones pitched the project to Lionsgate several months ago and recently turned in a script that explores how Bateman would fare in modern-day Gotham. A protege of David Fincher, Jones is a commercials and musicvideo helmer who was second unit director for the Boston-shot scenes in Fincher’s “The Social Network.”

Again, I say, UGH! At least, there are 2 glimmers of hope in this report … first, Lionsgate hasn’t yet officially greenlit the film. So, hopefully, it’ll never happen. Second, if the film does get made, at least it will be written by a David Fincher protégée … but I’d rather this remake never see the light of day. I’m not kidding or exaggerating when I say that American Psycho is a perfect film. It’s perfectly cast, perfectly scored and it hits all the perfect notes from beginning to end. The gory of the 80’s never looked so good. I cannot, for the life of me, envision anyone playing a better Patrick Bateman than Christian Bale. Yes, many men can wear the suit … but I do not believe that any man can bring Bateman to life like Bale already has. This is a bad idea, I am SO not a fan. Let’s hope this remake dies a quick death before it even comes to life.


  • Daniel

    Why???? Is nothing original any longer? Are we destined to a future only of movie and television remakes?

    • Dot

      you forgot to mention comic adaptations

  • Erin

    I agree completely!! American Psycho is one of my favorite films… no one could do it better than it has already been done so why try?

  • Shanny

    Of all films to remake they picked this one? I can’t imagine an improvement on an already great film. Is their plan to incorporate Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, and the missing twin towers to create the “modern day Gotham”? It seems like a whole new story. I don’t want to wish misfortune, but I hope someone realizes it is a BAD idea.

  • Chris

    Bret Easton Ellis said on his twitter yesterday: “I have warned Lionsgate that I will not approve a new version of “American Psycho” unless it stars SCOTT DISICK or MILES FISHER.” followed by, “I am waiting for Scott Disick to ask: “Who in the hell is Bret Easton Ellis?” “

  • Shazzer

    This is a bad idea. I’m still not even entirely sure I’m totally on board with “American Psycho: The Musical” (it’s happening, people) and I’m probably the biggest Duncan Sheik supporter of all time (he’s writing the music). Still, I’m more interested in that than a film remake. It’s too soon and it’s not necessary. We already have a great movie to watch. I probably wouldn’t even bother seeing it.

  • Kattmow

    Fuck that shit. Why remake a film that isn’t even old enough to be remade

  • maree


    why must we be forced to watch remake after remake after remake?!?! here’s an idea…WRITE SOMETHING NEW!

  • JCZ

    Eh as long as it’s not with Bale.

  • Ella

    DUUUUUUMB. SO DUMB. Almost as dumb as the movie version of The Lorax that’s being made. What is this world coming to? Then again…Lionsgate is probably thinking America likes stuff that sucks plus they don’t ever think! I mean what season of Jersey Shore are we on now?

  • Mandy G
  • Shannon

    Excited to see the musical.. Horrified about this. It will probably be major cheese

  • If I was to pen a letter to Lionsgate, this is what it would say ->