First Look: Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playboy’ Cover Leaks To The Internets UPDATE


Back in October we learned that Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy magazine. In November, we heard from Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan that the Playboy shoot was successful and we also learned that L. Lo will be “channeling Marilyn Monroe” in her spread. Today we get our FIRST LOOK at Lindsay’s Playboy coverphoto. A photo of the magazine cover showed up in my inbox … click below to check it out.

The photo isn’t very clear but it’s not bad for a first look. To be honest, I’d say that Lindsay looks more like Jessica Rabbit than Marilyn Monroe on this cover of Playboy magazine … but we’ll have to wait until the full Playboy pictorial photospread is released to make a final determination. I’m sure it won’t be long until we start seeing leaked images from inside the magazine. Lindsay Lohan’s career as a Playboy pinup model is about to begin … are y’all ready to see much more of Ms Lohan?

UPDATE: Playboy magazine is, apparently, not happy that Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover leaked to the Internets before she is able to unveil the cover on The Ellen DeGeneres Show so they’ve asked that the leaked photo be removed. I should be able to put the cover back up once Lindsay unveils it on Ellen.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Be a little inappropriate

    Boring as all hell tbh and wtf is going on with her arm?

  • Alex


  • nicole

    i actually kind of like it. i dont know what i was expecting, but it turned out better then i thought it would.

  • swile71

    It doesn’t seem very inventive for a cover. Guess we’ll see what the other pics look like.

  • Amalia

    Maybe a new Hefner’s Girlfriend is raising jajaja!

  • jessica

    As Tyra would say, she’s not modelling H to T (head to toe) – stretch the body out to make it look as long as possible!

    • Brianna

      Freakin’ love that you referenced that. DRECKITUDE!

  • kendra

    Ew..Her legs look scrawny..

  • Cha


  • frank

    I wish she would have gone back to red hair for this shoot, or at dark brown. I think she looks 10 better with those hair colors.

  • meme

    well, hello photoshop. she wishes she looked like that.

  • Lauren

    She looks awkward :/

  • bleedingears


  • Claire

    Meh. I’m more curious about the photos than I am interested. I am so over her doing the Marilyn thing though, she is so unoriginal.

  • ThiefGold

    If you’re honoring playboy’s wishes to remove the pic that’s cool with me. But there are numerous other sites out there, including Perez Hilton’s site that still have the leaked cover available.

    • @ThiefGold — It is not uncommon for other blogs to post unauthorized material. It’s not my style.

    • c-word

      @ trent – i admire your integrity of removing the photo as per the wishes of playboy magazine… of course, i still googled it and have to agree with everyone else – boooooooooooring!

    • ThiefGold

      That’s cool. Just didn’t know if it was actually being inforced or not.

    • Taeylor

      That is why I like your site Trent. You are cool and respectful!

  • brian

    Why is Lindsay appearing in a sexist and homophobic rag like Playboy? She’s appealing to sexist and homophobic men. Go away, Lindsay. We in the gay community hate you.

  • rOXy

    Hohan wishes she could channel Marilyn. Even with her bleached blonde and red lips, there isn’t even a remote resemblance. Ms. Monroe was platinum and rouge.

  • c-word

    did you see that the photo spread was also leaked?? i was actually quite surprised on how well the images came out… even though the cover kind of sucks.

  • ThiefGold

    Yeah, now that it’s been “leaked” they’ve decided to release the issue early. I’m starting to think that they leaked it themselves.