Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Get ROMANTIC In Utah


Early last month we saw photos of former co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively lookin’ awfully coupley together the morning after they reportedly spent the night together at his place the night before. Shortly thereafter, a report went around that made the claim that Ryan and Blake LivelyRyely, if you will — were planning to move in together. Welp, I dunno if the couple actually did get a place together … but I do know that they have transplanted their romantic love affair from the East Coast to the state of Utah. TMZ procured photos of Blake and Ryan together in Utah … and there is kissing involved. Click below to check out the lovebirds in action.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively shacked up together at a bed and breakfast in Utah the other day … AND TOTALLY MADE OUT!!! It all went down over Thanksgiving weekend … saliva was exchanged, embraces were shared … and they probably banged the hell out of each other. Ah, romance.

Awwwww, yeah. It’s so on. Up until now, we’ve seen photos of the pair together but we never got to see them actually doing anything other than standing or walking next to one another. The lip locking seen here is a sure sign that things are fairly serious betwixt the two. A lovely Thanksgiving weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Utah seems awfully romantic … and far more substantial than late night hook-ups in the city. It’s unclear if either person took the other to meet family for Thanksgiving dinner but I’m guessing all Blake and Ryan needed the whole weekend was each other … and that bed … er, and breakfast ;) They look good together, I think. We’ll just have to see how long and how seriously serious this romance becomes.

[Photo credit: Startraks; Source]

  • Kate

    Ugh Blake grosses me out. Not only is she a terrible,terrible actress but my fried waited on her at an NYC restaurant and said she was a total bitch to the staff, didn’t make eye contact and was really rude and loud. Plus she’s not fooling anyone in regards to her looks-watching sisterhood of the travelling pants is seeing her pre nose and boob job. Not hot. Ryan deserves better than this trashy bitch

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is so HAWT!!!!

  • Tess

    I actually really like them together

  • Jeni

    She kind of reminds me of Sienna Miller. I think they make a great couple, a better match for him than Scarlet.

  • nicole

    they look cute together.
    this couple actually makes alot of sense to me.

  • Anna

    OMG Ryan seems like such a romantic and it makes me SWOON! I heart him. And she is acceptable, I suppose :)

  • yeah, this just makes sense to me. they’re very cute together.

  • Claire

    Aw, he looks so smitten with her. Something used to bug me about Blake, but the fact that she doesn’t party and seems to date nice guys, I’ve changed my tune a bit. I think they look great together.

  • laina

    Boy she didn’t waste much time between him and Leo!

  • Megan

    Not fair!!!!