Jake Gyllenhaal Says Hi, Says Bye


Early last month we got to see photos of Jake Gyllenhaal rockin’ a full face of Movember facial hair and today, 5 days into December, we learn that Jakey poo is still rockin’ a full face of fuzz. Jake stepped out with friends on Saturday here in SoCal and he graciously flashed his smile and gave a quick wave of Hello to the paparazzi. Yesterday, Jake was spotted making his way thru the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA presumably on his way back East to NYC. It’s Monday, so how about a dose of Jake Gyllenhaal, eh?

I’m assuming it was a bit chilly here in LA on Saturday so that is why Jake was all bundled up in his fashionably warm sweater ensemble. It’s a good look for him, don’t you think? To be honest, Jake looks fab no matter what he’s wearing … especially when he’s smiling ;)

As he made his way thru the airport yesterday, tho, Jake decided to leave the sweater at home … wearing only a t-shirt … to show off his nicely toned arms:

If he’s heading back to NYC, he’s gonna have to bundle up a bit more once he gets there. Let’s hope his stay on the East Coast is short … that way he can get back home to LA, the warmer weather and the wearing of less clothing ;D

[Photo credit: X17, Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    God, I drool everytime I see him. YUMMY times 10.

    • c-word

      ditto ;)

  • Sarah D

    I’m newly addicted to this Youtube channel, which “teaches” people how to pronounce difficult words…enjoy this one!


  • Becca

    Check out this Jake Gyllanhaal look-alike! He’s in a YouTube movie that kind of abit Fight Club and abit Inception. His HOT!!!