Garbage Talks Their New Album With ‘Mojo’ Magazine


Back in October we got to read an interview that rock band Garbage did with Rolling Stone magazine about their upcoming, as-yet untitled, new album … which is due out next Spring. Today we get to read another Garbage interview, this time with the British music magazine Mojo. Altho the band still will not announce the album title, they do give us a few song titles (Blood for Poppies, I Hate Love, Automatic Systematic Habit) and share a bit of their writing process. We also get to see a new photo of the band together in the studio. Click below to check out scans from the new issue of Mojo magazine.

OH man … this photo is great. The interview/article is not available on Mojo’s website so you’ll have to squint a bit to read the text of the scan below:

I am LOVING every single thing about this Mojo piece. The song titles sound amazing … and I am really warmed by the thought of the members of Garbage writing songs over empty bottles of wine, all crammed together on a tiny couch. Altho the band has been separated for a few years, it sounds like they got right back into the swing of things almost immediately. It sounds like there will be 12 songs on the album … and with at least 8 more new songs written, I’m thinking we will be getting a new slew of b-sides as well. 2012 will be chock full of great new music … but without question, one of the most anticipated new albums for me is this new Garbage album. I simply CAN NOT WAIT TO HEAR NEW GARBAGE MUSIC !!!

[Source, thanks Darion]