Remembering & Revisiting


Yesterday was a pretty amazing, very powerful day for me. Sarah and I, first, paid a visit to The National September 11 Memorial in lower Manhattan and then we met up with friends Halli and Johanna at the Beacon Theater to see Tori Amos perform her first of two concerts here in NYC. The memorial visit was kind of last minute but it was well worth our time. The Tori concert was glorious, as ever. It was a really special day for all of us.

Our decision to visit the memorial just kinda … happened. The last time Sarah or I visited the site of the World Trade Center, it was the Spring after the terrorist attacks destroyed the buildings. We visited the area to see the tribute in light that took place the Spring of 2002. We thought it would be fitting to go back and … remember. I cannot even tell you how beautiful and powerful it was to experience the memorial in person. Every single aspect of the memorial is so touching, so fitting. Nothing can ever ease the pain of loss from 9/11, but this tribute I think goes a long way in helping with the healing process. I was beyond touched by the majesty of the memorial site … and I’m glad I got to experience it for myself.

Last night, Sarah and I got to see Tori Amos in concert and, OMG, it was one of her really fantastic shows. The setlist was a mix of old and new and Tori’s piano paired with a string quartet just made the whole evening completely magical. Here are a few photos that I snapped from the show along with the full setlist of songs:

Shattering Sea
Landslide [Fleetwood Mac cover] (solo)
Way Down (solo)
Cloud On My Tongue
Putting The Damage On (solo)
Jackie’s Strength (solo)
Mr. Zebra (solo)
Maybe California
Star Whisperer
Twinkle (solo)
Gold Dust (solo)
Toast (solo)
Your Ghost
Nautical Twilight


A Multitude of Shades
Baker Baker
Spring Haze
Precious Things
Big Wheel

It’s amazing what the addition of a set of strings can do for Tori’s music. Her new songs sounded wonderful live but her older songs got a great dose of vitality with the expanded instrumentation. It’s really amazing to see Tori Amos grow and expand her musical horizons. Sarah and I have seen every Tori concert tour since 1995 and it’s just wonderful to see what Tori has in store year after year after year. We will be seeing Tori in concert again tonight … and then I’ll be seeing her a couple more times back home in LA. I’m really excited to hear more more more.

Today is my last full day in NYC before we fly back to LA tomorrow afternoon. This will be my last visit to NY for the rest of the year so … I’ll miss all y’all New Yorkers ;)

One last night … I have to send out ALL MY BIRTHDAY LURVE today to David’s sister Eden! There will be some big celebratin’ going on tonight here in the Big Apple and I cannot wait! I hope YOU are having a great day today! Happy Saturday!!

  • Monica

    I was there last night! She was amazing, and that quartet was absolutely fantastic.

  • Shazzer

    The set was great, but I had the most annoying people in front of me. It was so distracting. They were completely hammered and obnoxiously loud. People kept telling them to shut up and they would just laugh and laugh. So rude! I’m all about having a good time, but you have to be aware of the atmosphere you’re in. I would have definitely enjoyed it more sans those people.

    I’m actually sitting in the balcony now as I type this waiting for Tori at the Beacon Part Deux. Hi Trent!!! :P

  • Yay! 9 more sleeps for me before I see my Tori again :)