Watch: The ‘Dallas’ Reboot Releases A Second Trailer


Last July we got our first look at the newly rebooted Dallas TV series which is set to debut on TNT next Summer. Today we get to check out a new trailer for the series that has been released this week to remind us that the show is still on its way. As you may know, Dallas was one of the most successful nighttime drama series of the 1980s … next year, TNT is hoping to enjoy some of that success again with this new incarnation of the series. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

J.R. Ewing, I can’t quit you! In this latest trailer from TNT to help promote its 2012 reboot of Dallas, the actors opine about the show’s beginnings (I’ll admit, it’s a little corny) and what will set this one apart from the classic. Talk about a colossal challenge: Fortunately, Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy will take care of a lot of the heavy lifting (thank goodness).

LOL! Yes, the roundtable discussion that takes place in the video is extremely cheesy … but the Dallas series itself was a cheesefest, too. I wasn’t a big Dallas fan back in the 80s because I was way too young to really appreciate it. I remember watching it when my parents watched it but it really wasn’t my thing. I’m really curious to see how this new reboot fares. We still have a LONG time to go before the new Dallas hits the airwaves but I’m telling you … the time will fly by. You just watch, in no time at all … it’ll be Summer 2012 and we’ll be talking about the debut of Dallas. Excited?


  • rOXy

    Sigh…would be nice if there was a trailer to watch.

  • Geret

    VERY excited. Linda Gray is back and with Charlene Tilton, Steve Kanaly, Ken Kerchival and the Ewing Brothers back in the fold it’ll be so fun to watch.
    Dallas redefined television in the 80s. A BIT of cheese, maybe… but still classic characters and enjoyable plot lines. “Who Shot JR?” is a Trivial Pursuit question that will be asked for years to come!

  • Caroline

    whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy must we wait until the summer for this to air?!?! I’ll be living in England by then and I don’t know if they’ll be broadcasting it. Oh well, yet another TV show that I’ll have to download :p

  • troy minor

    rOXy…it takes less effort to click on the link in the paragraph that says “a new trailer for the series…” to watch the trailer than to comment on how the embed isn’t working lol

    • rOXy

      Well, thanks bunches, Troy. :) I get so used to seeing hyperlinks every where in different colored text that I don’t see them anymore.