The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Is Coming To Hollywood


In June of 2010, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opened for business at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL … to massive success. In the wake of that success, the decision has been made to open a second Wizarding World theme park at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA. Altho the park won’t be operational until 2015, Harry Potter fans on the West Coast of the US (like me) now have a new exciting theme park to look forward to! Click below for all the known deets about this new Harry Potter park.

Hollywood is getting its own version of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” Universal Studios and Warner Bros. have agreed to pony up around $200 million to build a second version of the theme-park attraction that opened June 18, 2010, at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. The themed area has turned into a top draw not only for Universal but the Orlando area, with tourists flocking to Islands of Adventure, boosting ticket and merchandise sales. NBCUniversal now wants its Hollywood park to benefit from a similar attraction just as Disneyland is about to open “Cars Land” next summer. Because of “Wizarding World’s” instant success, the first question was when Universal would expand the park in Florida, given the amount of land the company owns there. The attraction features replicas of Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade village as seen in the films and includes rides like “Flight of the Hippogriff” and “Dragon Challenge.” Instead, Universal and WB chose to build a second “Wizarding World” in Hollywood. Where, exactly, the attraction will be housed, is a key question. Universal Studios Hollywood is much smaller than Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando, limiting designers on just where new attractions can be added. The Hollywood park is currently building a 3D ride based on Paramount’s “Transformers” franchise that will open next spring on its lower lot, replacing the former “Backdraft” attraction. Older attractions would likely have to be cleared out to make room for the new Potter attraction. Universal spent as much as $265 million to build “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” A 2015 opening date is being eyed for the Hollywood version … Universal had already been eyeing its other overseas parks for a new “Wizarding World,” including a planned park in South Korea. The timing of the Potter park expansion, which requires approval from J.K. Rowling, comes as WB recently released its eight-film collection of all of the “Harry Potter” films on Blu-ray.

This is fantastic news! I’ve been DYING to get my buns to Florida to visit The Wizarding World in Orlando but I’ve yet to make the trip. Yes, 2015 seems like a lifetime away but I am thrilled to know that a West Coast version of the park is headed our way … JK Rowling better approve the deal :) After all, I’m sure she could use a few more MILLIONS to add to her bank account. David and I have *tentative* plans to make our way to Florida early next year and Harry Potter land is top on my list of must see attractions. But, yes, I will be very happy to have a Harry Potter world in my own backyard :D


  • Joanna

    That is awesome news. My father got asked to speak at some convention in Orlando next February and the whole family was invited to spend a long weekend. My father can get me fix to Universal anytime I want and Harry Potter is top of my list. My father went twice, once before they opened and once after and he said it is the most amazing theme park he has ever been to. I really hope u get to go.

    • Anne Boleyn

      It really is amazing!
      I really, really, REALLY can’t wait to go back.

  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    I went to Orlando this summer and my friend and I got to go here. It was AWESOME! And after years of reading about it we finally got to try a glass of butterbeer. Delicious.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


    • kendra

      I CONCUR!!! I almost cried a little when I read this article yesterday!!

  • silly

    I am SO happy that this is happening. There’s no way on Earth I want to go to Florida.

  • Cristina_Isis

    Finally! I was wondering why they hadn’t made that decision earlier but better late than never. Can’t wait!

  • selena

    I was just there for a family vacation. The forbidden journey was such an awesome ride as was the dragon challenge. The village looked perfect to the movie. Unfortunately, it was so crowded in Hogsmeade I wasn’t able to check out all the shops. The wands are $35 and robes start at $100. The three broomsticks had a 3 hour wait. The butterbeer carts are everywhere and they all have long lines. So worth the wait though. Butterbeer is amazing! You can even get it in a collectible bug or frozen. I want the recipe. I can’t wait until it comes to so cal!

    • JeniLee

      Butterbeer recipe is easy I bet tastes kinda like cream soda. Delish.

      Trent if you do go to FL if you stay at one of the hotels in the resort you get to get into the HP section an hour before the park opens which is a great perk and very well worth it.

      The Forbidden Journey is AMAZING and walking through the castle is just so cool. The Dragon Challenge is fun but nothing new, it has been there for years they just made the attraction more HP themed.

  • Z

    My family and I went last Thanksgiving (2010) and it was amazing! I would urge anyone who’s going to get there early b/c the Harry Potter section of the park reaches capacity very quickly so you could be told to come back hours later or not be able to get in at all. :( Despite all the lines, it was well worth it and I would go back! :) The butterbeer was so delicious!

    • Anne Boleyn

      Agreed. But the busy-ness varies; we went early–around 10 AM–and the line at the Orlando park stretched back to the Jurassic Park ride area.

      But then we came back around 1 PM and the line was nonexistent.

  • Jenn

    I went at the beginning of March, and it was amazing! It wasn’t real crowded when I was there. We rode everything at least twice and visited all the shops (I loved Honeydukes!). We also walked right into The Three Broomsticks for lunch, which was delicious. I’m going back in March and cannot wait! Last time I only spent one day at Universal (the rest at Disney). Next time I’ll be there three days! I’m craving another mug of Butterbeer!