Madonna’s New ‘W.E.’ Ballad Is Titled ‘Masterpiece’


While we wait for the first sign of Madonna’s upcoming collaboration with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj on her new single Give Me All Your Love, let’s turn our attention for a bit to Maddy’s other new song that is near ready for release. Madonna has recorded a ballad to be featured in her directorial debut film W.E. and today we are learning deets about the song. The ballad is titled Masterpiece and was produced by William Orbit. The song plays over the closing credits of the film and will not only be featured on the W.E. soundtrack but will also likely be featured on Madonna’s new album (due out next year). It looks like we’ll be getting our first listen of the track very very soon, as W.E. is set to open in theaters within weeks.

Guy Oseary recently confirmed the rumours about a ballad Madonna recorded for her own movie W.E. Now, we at Madonnarama can finally reveal the title; it’s called “Masterpiece” and it has been produced by William Orbit. The song seems to be about what it feels to love and be loved like a piece of art and how fragile this love can be. From what we hear Madonna’s voice is absolutely stunning in it, and the track is very orchestral. The song will be featured on the soundtrack of the movie and should also be included on Madonna’s upcoming album.

A commenter on Madonnarama posted some of the lyrics to Masterpiece as transcribed from a recent screening of W.E.:

“It hurts so much to be in love with a masterpiece. Nothing is indestructible. When I first saw you … all the darkness turned to light. It seems to me it’s what you like. And honestly it’s not fun to always be the chosen one. I’m right by your side. Like a thief in the night.”

I’m intrigued by the idea that Madonna’s vocals are the focus of the song, I cannot wait to hear this ballad! To be honest, I’m surpried that Masterpiece hasn’t already made it’s way to the Internets. I’m dying to see W.E., for more reasons than one, but getting to hear this song is a nice added bonus. We are SO close to an onslaught of new Madonna music … so very close. Wee!!


  • Lisbeth Slander

    I’m dead excited that she’s doing a proper ballad. She hasn’t really done one in YEARS! Orbit said he was recording an orchestra for a Madonna song so I imagine this will be that song. Squee!!!