Confirmed! Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Engaged To Be Married . . . Again


Last week Life & Style magazine reported that the formerly engaged Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, who broke off their engagement back in June, got themselves re-engaged to be married. Today we learn that they were right! Kirstin was photographed with her fat engagement ring this week and just moments ago, Kristin confirmed the re-engagement on her official Twitter profile! It looks like congratulations are re-in order!!

Just a week after Life & Style exclusively reported that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s engagement was back on, the 24-year-old reality star was spotted in West Hollywood sporting her 5.2-carat engagement ring on Nov. 29. While out with friends at Le Petite Four restaurant, “Kristin looked incredibly happy,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “She was definitely making a point to show off her engagement ring and couldn’t stop smiling” … As Life & Style previously reported, even before publicly donning her Ascher-cut engagement ring for the first time since her reunion with Jay, Kristin was already gushing to friends that the wedding was back on. “Kristin told all of her friends she’s engaged,” a friend of the former Hills star shares. “She’s over the moon with happiness.” About the nuptials, Kristin’s told Life & Style, “I can’t decide if I want a small intimate affair or a huge one. But, it will be classic and traditional.”

Yay! I am really happy that the wedding is back on. It seemed really odd who quickly the engagement was called off … only 3 months after the couple got themselves engaged in the first place. I guess whatever problems the couple had previously, they have since resolved their issues and are now ready to commit themselves to sharing a life together. Here’s hoping there will be no further bumps in the road for Kristin and Jay. Let’s send all of our love and congrats to the happy couple today … and let’s cross our fingers that they’ll actually make it down the aisle this time around ;)

[Photo credit: Buzz Foto; Source]

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Divorced within a year if they actually make it down the aisle.

    • @Be a little inappropriate — LOL

    • Anne Boleyn


  • Whitney

    I agree, this will not last.

  • i had to

    She can do better. Ever see him on the sidelines when his team is losing? He won’t be able to stop crying after the wedding!

  • Jbo

    I would feel like a FOOL if my man broke up with me and then decided he couldn’t get any better and proposed AGAIN? Seems like they’re both desperate :(

    Doesn’t his family and friends think she reality star TRASH?

  • Joanna

    Anyone who gets dumped seemingly out of the blue should NEVER take the other person back no matter how much they think that person has changed. They ended the relationship for a reason and those issues won’t go away. I bet they won’t even make it down the aisle. However, if they do it will be a short Kim Kardashian style marriage.

  • Ugh, this dude is such a wiener. She can do so much better.

    • Kelly

      LOL! WEINER!! so true! I’ve always referred to him as Jay Cuntler!!

  • sarahhh

    hmm think it has something to do with that his season is over basically!

  • she is Such a babe, looks Amazing in this tiny bikini