Sara Gilbert Coupling Up With Linda Perry?


Over the Summer, former Roseanne star and current The Talk host Sara Gilbert announced publicly that she and long-time partner Alison Adler had broken up after 10 years and 2 children together. This week, tho, we learn that new love may be in the air for Sara as she was spotted out and about with singer/songwriter Linda Perry. There has been no official confirmation that the ladies are romantically involved … but as you can see below, Sara and Linda were photographed holding hands … and in Hollywood, such public displays of affection are a sure sign that coupling is underway!

She played hard-headed tomboy Darlene Conner in classic sitcom Roseanne.
And it looks like Sara Gilbert is just as robust in real life, as she seems to have moved on just months after splitting from her [partner] of the last 10 years. Sara, 36, was spotted walking hand to hand with rock musician and songwriter Linda Perry in West Hollywood today. Linda is certainly quite a contrast to the mother-of-two’s former partner, television producer Alison Adler. While the latter was reasonably straight-laced, Linda’s rock credentials make her a far edgier companion. The Talk star Sara wore a dowdy combo of jeans, cardigan, and converse trainers as they visited the trendy vegan outlet Real Food Daily. Meanwhile Linda wore a butch outfit of black jeans, platform boots, sleeveless wine top and a baggy beanie hat. In addition to her own solo work, Perry has written hits for stars including Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani, and worked closely with others such as Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne. It is only three months Sara Gilbert split from long-time girlfriend Alison Adler 10 years of being together. The two women, who began dating in 2001, are said to have ended their union ‘amicably’. They both share custody of two children, including a son Levi, 6 and a daughter, Sawyer, 4. But it seemed that she was still nursing a broken heart when she talked about the split on her show The Talk. She said: ‘I feel like I don’t know if marriage is all it’s cracked up to be. ‘I’ve never been married, but I was in a long relationship… Its emotional for me, because we’re not together.’ But she added their relationship is still special. She said: ‘I wouldn’t trade that time, it’s such a special time in my life. But then you see people in their 70s and you wonder how do they do it? How do they make it last? And I would like to think that I can. I will say that we have beautiful children together, a lot of love for each other. You do continue in to the next chapter together in a different way.’

Awww … I love Sara Gilbert. While I personally find it physically painful to watch any significant amount of The Talk (UGH!), I’ve always respected Sara Gilbert for just living her life on her own terms. I was very surprised to learn that she and Alison decided to split after 10 years together so I hope whatever is going on with Linda Perry (be it romantic or just friendly) that she is finding new happiness again. Sara strikes me as an incredibly intelligent woman and a very loving mother. She deserves happiness and if she can have that with the equally talented Linda Perry then more power to the both of them. If hand holding equals new love then I am all for this union ;)

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LOVES IT!!!! I hope it works.

  • SuzieB

    OMG how harsh was the description of their outfits? “dowdy” and “butch”! LOL Imagine the writer of this writing about some outfit you wear out to the grocery store? Yikes!! :) I too very much love Sarah Gilbert and her ability to just live her life on her terms and staying real and down to earth about it all. (Agree @Trent – I love her and love Sharon Osbourne but the Talk is tough to take!!) Here’s hoping that this new relationship brings them both much happiness!!


    Aren’t they both butch?

  • cutitout

    For some reason, when i heard sara was back on the market i thought these two vegan lezzies would hook up.

  • Jazzy

    Such a Lovely Couple and Linda Perry is a great singer and songwriter! Check out her band Deep Dark Robot!

  • Stacy

    hmm. I’ve heard some troubling things about how possessive and controlling Linda Perry is in her relationships. I’m curious to see how long this lasts, as Sara doesn’t seem the type to put up with those shenanigans.