Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Is Dunzo Before It Even Began


Back in August we learned that former Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenny Frankel had scored a development deal for her own talk show. As much as I LOVE Bethenny, my initial reaction to news of a talk show was … well, of no real interest. While I find her fun to watch in a reality TV sense, I can’t really see how a daily talk show would appeal to me. Well, apparently the bosses at all the major networks agree because The Hollywood Reporter is reporting this week that Bethenny’s talk show is dead … dunzo before it could even get off the ground. Apparently, the show was shopped all over town and no one was interested. Get out the spork, y’all … it sounds like it’s time to peace out Bethenny’s dreams of being a talk show host.

A proposed nationally syndicated talk show to be hosted by reality TV star Bethenny Frankel will not go forward for fall 2012 as hoped, according to a source. In the wake of new talk show commitments for Katie Couric, Steve Harvey, Jeff Probst and others, Frankel’s distributor Telepictures (a division of Warner Bros.) could not land a commitment from a major U.S. station group for her proposed talk show, despite strong support from Ellen DeGeneres, as first reported by the New York Post. Bethenny Ever After has completed production on a new season and will continue on Bravo. There have been reports that Frankel will seek to do a talk show for a cable channel, but so far nothing has come of that, according to a source.

Yeah, this news comes as ZERO surprise to me. Bethenny is a particular kind of celebrity. She’s fun, she’s crazy, she’s entertaining to watch. But she’s a screamer … she likes to scream stuff at people. Usually, in a reality TV show setting, it’s entertaining. On a talk show, I can see how that kind of behavior would be grating and annoying. IMHO, Bethenny lacks a certain softness that is required of a daytime talk show host. I mean … I guess this is bad news for Bethenny but at least she has her other reality TV series and her MEGA MILLIONS from her liquor company to keep her happy … not to mention her awesome hubby and her adorable daughter. Yeah, I’m not crying for Bethenny ;)


  • ChristineLA

    I love Bethenny as well, but I completely agree with you, the talk show was a horrible idea for her. She is a particular brand of fun, crazy, and crude, I cannot see a mainstream market embracing her five days a week. I hope she will stick with Bravo, though, I have loved all of her shows.

  • Jim

    You don’t think she would do well on a show like Live? She is total Kelly Ripa material to me. Very similar. She’s just 11 years late

    • ChristineLA

      No, Kelly Ripa is, above all else, very nice to each and every guest on Live. Can you imagine Bethenny faking interest in the Jersey Shore kids? Yeah, me either.