Mariah Carey Is Thankful For Her Fans


Altho the Thanksgiving holiday is officially over for this year, the spirit of thanksgiving is still alive and well in popstar Mariah Carey. Over the weekend, Mimi tweeted a link to a special thank you message that they posted on her official website for all of her fans … her lambs … her lambily. Click below to read the thankful message of love that Mariah Carey wants to share with all of us.

Thank you so much to the lambs from all over the world for your festive Christmas wishes. I truly have the best fans in the whole world!! Undisputed, often imitated never duplicated. I love ya, enjoy ya and appreciate ya as always and I’m looking forward to sharing many exciting moments this Christmas with you.

And in the fans’ spoken languages…
Miyetti (Fulani)
Shukran (Arabic)
Obrigado (Portuguese)
Dank je well (Dutch)
Grantangi (Suriname)
Tack (Swedish)
Go raibh maith agat (Gaelic)
Xie xie (Mandarin)
Salamat (Tagalog)
Diolch (Welsh)
Jerejef (Wolof)
Efcharisto (Greek)
Hvala vam (Serbian)
Merci (French)
Gracias (Spanish)

A more cynical person might suggest that Mariah’s festive message to fans is nothing short of promo for her upcoming Xmas product offerings. As you may recall, Mimi teamed up with Justin Bieber for a new version of her hit Xmas single All I Want for Christmas Is You … and the music video release is just around the corner. I, personally, do believe Mariah when she says she is thankful for her fans. The woman is a stunning talent, no doubt, but she would have nothing if it weren’t for her loyal fan base. It doesn’t take much to make fans feel loved so a simple gesture like this goes a long way. Now, if she would only autograph a photo like this for every single one of her fans, she would really make her lambily happy :)


  • Randal

    Mariah’s true fans, I count myself as a huge LAMB, get her. We love her unconditionally, we’re here for her. We fight off the hate for her & we make sure people recognize her GREATNESS. You might not like her, but you cannot deny she is a talented singer, songwriter. I’ve never let my allegiance to everything MARIAH waiver since 1990. I’ve never questioned her motivations. She has a room in her house dedicated to her lambs. Cynics be damned, spread your hate somewhere else.