Lily Allen Gives Birth To A Baby Girl


Congratulations are in order for popstar Lily Allen and hubby Sam Cooper because yesterday they became the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl! As you may know, Lily and Sam endured heartache last year after she tragically miscarried the couple’s first child. In the wake of that loss, Lily and Sam boldly ventured forward and got themselves hitched earlier this year. Altho we don’t know too much about the brand new baby girl just yet, I think we can all be pretty sure that the new parents are OVER THE MOON with happiness over the arrival of their baby girl.

Lily Cooper last night gave birth to a little girl. The pop star had her longed for first child in the early evening on Friday. And it comes just a year after the 26-year-old tragically had a miscarriage when she was six months pregnant. It was not known last night if her husband Sam Cooper – who she married in June – was with her at the birth. However, last night a close friend admitted the birth had been ‘all good.’ A spokesman, though, declined to comment. Her DJ, close friend and former boyfriend Seb Chew last night Tweeted: ‘sending out love to lily, sam and mini cooper……YES.’ The singer told fans on Twitter in October she had begun to suffer from Braxton Hicks – false labour pains which can begin as many as six weeks before the due date. During a newspaper interview in September Lily said her mum, film producer Alison Owen was desperate to know the sex of her grandchild-to-be: ‘It’s between me and my husband. She thinks she knows what it is and whenever she calls me she refers to the baby as Betty.’ The birth is particularly poignant for the couple who have suffered miscarriage pain in the past. Last November the retired singer was rushed to hospital with a suspected viral infection and later lost a baby boy at six months.

Awww … this is the best news ever. Much love and congrats goes out to the Allen-Cooper family. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartache that Lily and Sam have endured … here’s hoping this new happiness will help ease their suffering and pain. Altho Lily Allen is a fiercely private woman, I suspect she will reveal some baby info for her fans … when she thinks the time is right. For now, let’s just send our love and congrats to the newly expanded family and wish them nothing but a lifetime of blissful health and happiness.


  • Debho

    I’m so happy for them. I remember when she lost the last little fellow and felt so bad for them as I was just days away from meeting my new grandbaby. Best wishes to the new little family.

  • Sfmom

    So happy for her! But just FYI (I know it’s in the article) at six months – that wasn’t a miscarriage. I don’t know how the baby died; but it would either be something like IUFD (intra-uterine fetal death) or stillbirth…I think they stop calling it a miscarriage somewhere around the early second trimester (I’ve had three miscarriages – but they were all at 12 weeks or earlier). Losing a baby that far into a pregnancy is something else entirely. So happy for her new baby! I hope this little girl brings a lot of joy and healing into her life.

    • Ella

      @Sfmom-I know and hope you’re mostly healed, but I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Those are rough to go through and by your screenname it appears you finally have a little one. Congrats! And congrats to Lily Allen!

  • kendra

    Ahhhh! This news brought a little tear to my eye! So happy for them!