Confirmed: Jennifer Lopez Is Vacationing In Hawaii With Toy Boy Casper Smart


Well well now … yesterday we learned that Jennifer Lopez was RUMORED to be on holiday in Hawaii with her much younger toy boy Casper Smart but at the time there was no photographic evidence that the pair were holidaying together. Today we learn unequivocally that J. Lo and CasperJasper, if you will — have been spotted together in Hawaii. By the look of the photos below, Jenny and Casper seem to be very comfortable with one another.

Jennifer Lopez and her new boy toy BF Casper Smart continued their Thanksgiving weekend romp in Hawaii, cozying up on the beach this morning … in the first photos of the couple since word of their relationship got out. Wonder who picked up the tab on this trip?

Now, keep in mind, these are the first photos of the pair in a romantic setting since word got out of their fraternization. The pair have been photographed together professionally (he is her back-up dancer) but until now, we only heard that the pair were together. It seems pretty clear to me that Jasper is in FULL EFFECT. How long will this last? Who cares! I’m thinking this will last as long as J. Lo wants it to.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Mela

    Gross. Maybe she should take her kids to Hawaii.

    • nicole

      the kids could have been with thier dad.

    • Mela

      Oh I’m SURE they are…probably most of the time.

    • Cara

      @ Mela… Why? Just because she’s a mother, she can’t have a little meaningless fling after a divorce? Would you be saying the same thing about Marc Anthony taking a younger woman to Hawaii?

    • I agree with you 100% Cara. She is more than able to do as she pleases since she is divorced. I am sure that Marc Anthony will be in the News soon. :)

  • nicole

    when i first saw these pictures at a really quick glance i thought that it was Vinny from JS.

    • Meagan

      I thought it was Shawn Desman!

  • Krissy

    Didn’t she learn from Britney & K-Fed? Yuck.

    • Audrey

      That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Another K-Fed.

      Blah. It’s been a looooooooooong time since I’ve liked JLo.

    • Be a little inappropriate

      Why would she need to learn from Britney? her dumb ass should have learnt from Cris Judd her first husband the back up dancer who sold her out and was trying to sell a sex tape of them.

    • excess

      You’re thinking of Ojani, her 1st husband, he is the one she has to go to court every other day to stop his non sense.
      Cris the back-up dancer and Puffy rebound/Ben placeholder was the 2nd husband, who got blinded by the JLO glow and tossed to the side when she was done.

  • kendra

    Geez..If you’re going to go young, at least go HOT and young! This kid is fugly!

    • laina

      You said it GF!

    • Ella

      The sex must be ridiculously awesome then.

    • kendra

      But first comes the attraction! How was she ever hot enough for him to find out if he was a hot sex machine? Ick..He’s just..Ick..

    • Tracy


  • rOXy

    That’s one ugly hat he’s wearing. I’ve read reports that say her kids are with them in Hawaii, and that Casper has been seen doting on them. I guess since she’s not commenting on her personal life, we’ll never know just what she sees in him. I have a difficult time believing that he came along after the split with her hubby. I might even believe, until corrected, that Casper (what a name!) was the catalyst, if not the reason, for the split.

  • laina

    She obviously has VERY bad taste in men!

  • Jaya

    She really can’t handle being single, can she…

  • Serena

    I totally agree with JAYA…she so can not handle being single….it’s so sad..i sure hope her daughter doesnt grow up to feel the need to always be with a man!

  • shoesofpink

    Hmmm, he’s been her back up dancer for years… who knows, maybe he’s the daddy to the twins! Scandal!!!

    • @shoesofpink — OMG! o_O

  • PKs

    I can’t explain why, maybe it’s the smug look on his face, but I have the urge to slap him every time I see his photo. I know, it’s terrible. And by the way, does Vanilla Ice have an identical son?

  • Kattmow

    It makes me wonder how someone so attractive as her always ends up with ugly men. She must be a total shit or something.

  • Sanchez

    Ugh he looks like such a tool. Granted “J Lo” and I obviously have VERY different taste in men and probably everything else, I just don’t see what any woman finds attractive about that whole style. I think the Justin Bieber kid dresses like a total tool as well. To me, it screams DOUCHEBAG. Of course, I am of the Hanson generation and they never dressed/talked like that. ;)

  • he is such trash……….a trucker hat are you kidding me………..yuck

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Seems like a KFed in Training.

  • cowgirl

    She ain’t nothin’ but a hoochie mama

  • Selena K

    When a woman like J-lo goes for a boy toy like this, its not about how his face looks. Once you’ve “been around tha block” there are 2 important things a real woman wants. A big d*ck and someone who adores her. I’m pretty sure Jenny’s get’n both. she aint no fool, yo.

  • Tania

    These stars can’t even wait until their divorce is final before they start dating again! Makes me sick and they give a bad rep. to marriage.