Jennifer Lopez Holidays In Hawaii


A couple of weeks ago the rumor started to spread that newishly single Jennifer Lopez has taken up with a much younger toy boy back-up dancer while the pair have been touring the world together. Last weekend said toy boy, Casper Smart, performed on stage with J. Lo on the 2011 American Music Awards. Today we are hearing that Jenny has made her way down to Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday and word is that Casper joined her on the little getaway. HMMMM. Could things really be this serious between the two?

Forget about the cold weather back East in the Bronx. Jennifer Lopez is soaking up the sun in paradise on a Hawaiian getaway and she is not there alone. The 42-year-old singer celebrated Thanksgiving on the island of Kauai with her twins, other family members and her boy toy boyfriend Casper Smart is rumored to be with her. According to Radar Online, Lopez’s 24-year-old backup dancer made the journey with his superstar girlfriend Jenny from the block, has reportedly been seen frolicking on a beach with her twins, Max and Emme. But new man Casper, whose real-name is Beau Paul Smart, has tried to remain in the shadows. Lopez’s spokesman was unavailable for comment earlier today.

Naturally, without photographic proof it’s unwise to believe that this report is totally true … but, then again, stranger things have happened. If true, tho, I’m not sure it’s wise for J. Lo to be introducing her young children to her new love interest … especially since he’s barely older than they are. Then again, since they’re closer in age, Casper likely has more in common with the kids than he does with Jennifer. BUT, whatever the case may be, let’s hope that the Lopez family had themselves a very nice Thanksgiving holiday together. I’m pretty sure I can guess what J. Lo was thankful for this year ;)

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  • Okay, this is totally stupid for me to ask but I always thought it was “boy toy.” Has it always been “toy boy?”

    • @Diana — Madonna made “Boy Toy” famous … I kinda like Toy Boy better ;)

  • laina

    She’s so insecure that she can’t live for 5 minutes without a man. She shouldn’t be parading every guy she likes around her kids. Irresponsible parenting in my book!

  • nicole

    i dunno…i dont buy it. odds are hes probably already met the kids if they were ever backstage or something… but she seems smart enough not to have him taking family trips with them and not let those kids have any kind of attachment

  • Sanchez

    Yeah I’m no parent but I’d imagine a situation like that would be very confusing for little kids.

  • TPF

    Has she learned nothing from Britney…sigh…

  • Etch

    I was on a layover at LAX from SF to Kauai on Wed around 11am or so and saw you and David walking into McDonalds. I was to shy to say hello but hope if I see jlo milling around the island I can get over my fears and say hi;)

    • @Etch — Aww, don’t be shy :) Just say hey … and ENJOY HAWAII! I visited Maui last year and I loved every.single.second. of it! Aloha <3