Watch: David Beckham Shows Off The MLS Championship Trophy On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Last weekend soccer star David Beckham and the LA Galaxy won the 2011 MLS Championship and this week Becks showed off the championship trophy on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Becks explained how he plans to take the trophy to his kids’ school for show and tell and bascially gave one of his cutest, most charming interviews ever. In case you missed it, you can watch video of Becks’s appearance on JKL in full below.

Forget souvenirs from trips away, arts and crafts or a beloved toy. David Beckham’s boys are set to upstage all their school friends at the next ‘show and tell’ session. The 36-year-old soccer star, whose L.A Galaxy team triumphed over the Houston Dynamo in the final last week, revealed that he will be taking their newly acquired Major League Soccer (MLS) cup to his boys school. Appearing on The Jimmy Kimmel show last night, David told the talk show host that he was glad that the players got to share the shining silver prize around, so he could take it to show Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, nine, and six-year-old Cruz’s classmates. ‘I promised my sons I would take it into their school,’ David said. ‘That’s a great show and tell item. It really makes me mad at my own father,’ Jimmy joked back to the famous sportsman. Looking handsome and dapper in a three-piece suit, Beckham, as always, charmed both the host and the audience. Speaking of his victory at the Home Depot Centre on Sunday night, he revealed a humorous exchange he had with his youngest son Cruz. ‘The funny thing was in the lead-up to the game my son was like “Daddy what do you do after the game?” he explained. ‘And I said “Well, if we win we spray everybody with champagne.” ‘And I could see him thinking. And the first thing he said to me when he came onto the field (after the win), he said, “Daddy we can do the champagne thing now!” Beckham said later in the locker room as the players were toasting and spraying each other with the bubbly, he caught his son standing nearby with his mouth open. ‘We was in the locker room and I kept him right back out of the way because there was champagne flying everywhere, and I looked back to see if he was OK and he was like that,’ he explained whilst tilting his head back to imitate his son. ‘Not catching any, obviously,’ he added with a laugh.
The father-of-four also said that he, his wife Victoria, 37, the three boys and the couple’s four-month-old baby girl Harper would be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. ‘We’ve celebrated it every year,’ he said. But he admitted that it was the first he had ever heard about Black Friday, where shoppers scramble the day after the famous U.S holiday to get a bargain at a one day sale. ‘I just heard about Black Friday. I am hoping my wife is not doing that on Friday, going to the shops,’ he said. Jimmy joked that he couldn’t imagine Victoria, who is more accustomed to shopping at Hermes and Christian Louboutin, taking part in the bargain shop-a-thon. ‘I can imagine she is not at Target getting a Missoni blanket or something,’ he chuckled. ‘You never know, you never know,’ David replied laughing.

Gah. This is a great interview. I’m just really glad that Becks and the Galaxy won the championship. It’s just really great to see the guys rewarded for a job well done. This may be my fave David Beckham interview of all. He is the cutest, ain’t he?


  • kendra

    *sigh* Perfect in every damn way..I have way too much love for this guy..It’s just not normal..