Watch: Taio Cruz Covers ‘Someone Like You’ By Adele


Back in September we got to check out Adele’s new video for her painfully beautiful new single Someone Like You and today we get to check out a cover version of the track performed by hitmaker Taio Cruz. Someone Like You has been covered by pretty much EVERYONE and their mother … so much so that You Tube is flooded with videos of people singing the song. It is because of that reason that some of those covers may get overlooked. Today I’d like to share with you Taio Cruz’s cover of Adele’s hit song because he really does a fantastic job with the song.

To be honest, I kinda hate You Tube cover song performances … but something about the way that Taio puts his own spin on this song grabbed me. BUT, altho I love this version to Reese’s Pieces, Adele’s original performance of the song remains untouchable. Still, I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do :D


  • Joanna

    So awesome. It’s unusual for Taio to sing ballads. He should sing them more often. This stripped down version of an already beautiful song is probably one of his best :)

    • Lynne

      I agree! His voice is actually very beautiful. :)
      There are “stripped versions” of his popular songs on iTunes.

  • rOXy

    I can’t watch 99.99% of Youtube covers because they are just too painful to listen to and I get embarrassed for them. But this one is pretty good. The mellow tones of the piano and the simple arrangement make a very good backing to his vocal. There is only slight voice acrobatics, but he handles and controls them well. His timing is what pulls it together. As far as the original goes, I agree it is absolutely untouchable and no one will ever come even close. Adele sings that from the very center of her emotions, and she takes us along with her to slog through the thickness of bittersweet sorrow. Covers of this song, and almost anything Adele does, will only ever be covers an nothing more.

  • kelly

    this makes me like him more and think of him as more legit! i love when that happens. thanks trent! happy thanksgiving!

  • Katie

    I love this! This may be suuuper ignorant of me, but I had no idea he could really sing and play, I just know him as the guy I hear on the radio all the time.
    But nothing tops Adele’s version, I agree.

  • DJ Vegas

    WOW. I love it.

  • Caroline

    I know that some people are tired of this song, but every time i listen to it I get chills. I don’t see how there’s a person out there who’s never felt like this, at some point, after a break up. This cover is fantastic.

  • Stephanie

    This is SO MUCH MORE tolerable to listen to than the original! Thank you for sharing, Trent.

  • katie

    I would love to hear them do this as a duet!

  • Tricia

    Wow – his voice is so pure it gives me chills! Thanks for sharing this, Trent!

  • JCZ

    Well at least it wasn’t auto-tuned. Especially that shocking Billboards Awards performance he pulled.

    OFF TOPIC: But Trent you NEED to check out Kylie Minogue on Aussie X-Factor from last night. She sung one of her classics, very great. You need to YouTube it.

  • woodroad34

    This is a wonderful song that I never get tired of hearing. Where Adele’s voice has the soul-searing loss from personal experience, this guy’s voice is angelic and takes on a sadness for the world.

  • dre

    He sings it so easily. seems effortless! I love watching great skill like this.