Watch: Mariah Carey Performs A Mini-Concert In Europe


Mariah Carey teamed up with European wireless provider Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile here in the US) to surprise the folks in Poland, Crotia and Macedonia with a short impromptu holiday music concert that was streamed LIVE across the Eastern European countries. In all, Mimi performed 4 songs including her smash holiday hit All I Want for Christmas is You. Click below to watch the entire 20 minute mini-concert in full and get a taste of what the lucky folks in Europe got to experience this week.

This is pretty neat. And considering Mariah will be featured in holiday ads for Deutsche Telekom this Xmas, it makes sense that they would want to kick off the campaign in this big splashy way. I kinda like how Mariah is projected like a hologram … tho, I’d be more impressed if her likeness was being projected from an R2-D2 unit ;) This is a fun little mini-concert. I’m glad we get to see it too.

UPDATE: The full concert has been yanked off of You Tube but an official clip from the show has been posted:

Meh. I’m not impressed. Deutsche Telekom should share the whole show. This clip pales in comparison to the full concert performance.

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  • Isabelle

    She obvioiusly mimed all the Xmas songs. The only song she did live, Hero, she really didn’t do too well. Thought her voice was stronger after giving birth ? I guess not.

    • Natasha

      I thought so too….

  • Juneh

    Oh dear her voice doens’t sound good at all :(

  • vVv

    “cześć Polska” in Montenegro… God pls :D
    seems that only polish ppl can have fun ;)

  • laina

    She’s annoying! Overdoes every song. Can’t stand her! I do have to say that she made some pretty babies though!