Movie Review: ‘The Muppets’


Last night David and I were invited to an early screening of The Muppets movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA and we jumped at the chance to attend. For a year now, I’ve been anxious and curious about this new Muppets film. I managed to stay away from any plot spoilers about the film and only paid attention to the cute parody promo videos that have been released (which don’t really show much of the actual film plot). BUT, before we went to the movies last night, I was able to take possession of a painting I purchased about 2 months ago … that I am TOTALLY in love with. I had a pretty fun and bizzy day yesterday. Read all about it below.

So … The Muppets. It’s really cute and I really enjoyed it … but it is, IMHO, far from a perfect film. Honestly, I doubt you’ll hear many complaints from people mainly because the film does successfully manage to charm the pants off the viewer … it expertly hits all the right notes at all the right times. But that being said, it doesn’t hit all the right notes ALL of the time. The Muppets story, which explains how the gang gets back together again (and why) after many years away, is simple but very cute. There is a second-tier story that involves the relationship between the human characters played by Jason Segel and Amy Adams … that story, IMHO, sucks. Their story just felt like it had to be shoved in to make their presence in the film make sense. Their story is totally unnecessary and not very good. Cut them out and the movie is actually better. I was also not really impressed with the original songs that were written for the film. Considering how big The Muppets are, I was expecting amazing songs … sadly, the songs aren’t even memorable. This, I feel, was a missed opportunity. But the Muppets themselves, ah, they were perfect. They were cute, funny, predictable, charming and wholly entertaining. It was a real treat getting to see them on the big screen again. The things I did not like about the film are not enough to take away from the magic of the overall film … and all the credit goes to the Muppets themselves. This is a movie that I think audiences will love. And even if you do agree with me on the film’s negatives, I think you will also agree with me that the overall film is really fun and really worth seeing.

David and I really had a great time last night … I think all y’all will too!

Oh and about that painting. Well, a couple months ago I came up on an amazing painting of Madonna by artist Leah Devora and I fell INSTANTLY in love. Long story short, I bought the painting as soon as I could but it had to remain on display for a few weeks. Yesterday afternoon, my painting was delivered … and it immediately went up on my wall:

People, trust me, this photo doesn’t do the painting justice. It’s a fabulous piece, I’m so happy to finally have it :)

Thursday turned out to be a great day, let’s hope Friday is even half as good :) Happy Weekend!!!

  • That painting is TREMENDOUSLY awesome and I am officially TREMENDOUSLY jealous! X

  • Great hat! I tried this on last week at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. I think I might buy it for myself for Christmas

    • @Alex M — Gah! You look WAY cuter than I do in the hat ;) You so gotta get it <3

  • Krissy

    Madonna fan or not, that painting is AMAZING. Beautiful, love it.

  • AmandaPalmina

    That painting is beautiful!
    I have yet to see a film post 90’s where the songs are actually good. I think the last one was Toy Story, and even then You’ve got a Friend In Me doesn’t compare to anything in the Lion King. It’s kind of strange because instrumental works are still stunning but when ever someone opens their mouth it’s like my oh my this shouldn’t be sung.