‘The Hunger Games’ Releases A New Promo Photo


On Monday morning we got our first look at the first movie trailer released for next Spring’s much-anticipated big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games. Today, courtesy of People magazine, we get to check out a new promo photo from the film. In the trailer, we got a peek at the Reaping scene from the film and this new promo photo is also from that particular scene. Click below to see the moment when protagonist Katniss Everdeen first meets the flamboyantly dressed and terribly complicated Effie Trinket.

It’s the pink hair that did it. For Elizabeth Banks, playing Effie Trinket in the upcoming screen version of The Hunger Games first clicked into place thanks to the character’s signature cotton-candy coif. “I would be in the hair and makeup trailer and I was Elizabeth, and then the wig went on and very suddenly I was Effie,” says Banks, 37. “Every day I would have that aha moment, like, ‘We did it! We found Effie!'” In the best-selling The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Effie serves as a publicity agent of sorts for the Games, a cruel arena battle that pits youths, called “tributes,” against each other in a televised fight to the death. The movie opens March 23. “Effie is a very complicated woman,” says Banks, who previously worked with director Gary Ross on 2003’s Seabiscuit. “She’s a spinner. She spins everything into something positive. These kids have been pulled from their loved ones to compete on television in this horrible event in which they will likely lose their lives.” Effie, she says, is “charged with making their last days before they’re in the Games as positive as possible, so that they go into the Games with a great attitude. And, of course, that seems crazy.” At the center of the action is the heroine Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), whose skills with a bow and arrow aid her survival. “Katniss is so strong, so courageous, and when faced with this overly positive, super-enthusiastic Effie, [Jennifer] and I definitely had some great moments of conflict,” says Banks – who admits to one major drawback in playing the outrageously dressed character. “For sure the biggest challenge of playing Effie was the shoes!” says Banks. “All of my shoes in the movie are completely amazing but highly uncomfortable. I said to Gary, ‘You better be shooting these shoes, because they’re killing me.'”

Gah … I am loving all of this new Hunger Games stuff so freakin’ much! We got our first look at what Effie will look like when the character posters were released a couple of weeks ago … but this is our first really good look at her face front. Effie, for me, is one of those book characters that I imagined in my head but never really had a clear realistic picture of. Author Suzanne Collins is so detailed in her description of Effie, I had a hard time imagining how she might look in the real world. Judging by this photo, I think they really bring Effie to life in a real way. Yes, she’s colorful … but all of her color is sapped and made pale and garish in front of all the drab gray color around her. I am impressed … and anxious to see more. I am just loving this Games promo stuff to DEATH!


  • JillieBean430

    I am loving all the sneek peeks but it just makes me realize how far away that March is! LOL!

    I also love how all this is coming out the same week that Breaking Dawn comes out! Ha ha!

  • I am unreasonably excited for this movie to come out!

  • Mandy

    I can’t tell you how excited I am! Every single actor/actress is cast PERFECTLY! District 12 is so much like I picture it in my head-the clothing is almost dead on. I’m so excited to see how it all plays out in “real life”. Gah! It’s gonna be amazing! Looking forward to the re-read before seeing the film, too!

  • JCZ

    Blink and it will be March already. The ONLY good that comes out of the years going so quick these days is that it seems we are watching movies that yesterday were only in pre-production.

    It’s only 8 months until Dark Knight Rises – I think filming is still sorta going on or just wrapped, but either way, it was only months ago that there were the rumours about who was portraying what.

    **Oh and I couldn’t agree more about Effie. As I’ve commented before, she always had that Rita Skeeter vibe/look to me. Only cared about her reputation and would do anything to ensure her story sold, no matter what twist she placed on it, fact or fiction. Effie to begins with comes across like that making the claim about hoping next year she would represent one of the other districts. I didn’t think Banks could pull it off, but I couldn’t be more happy with this.

  • Claire

    I still can’t get over how absolutely perfect the trailer was. EEEEP! Can’t wait!