Concept Art Shows What Bradley Cooper Might’ve Looked Like In ‘The Crow’ Remake


Back in April of this year it was reported that actor Bradley Cooper was in serious talks to star in the planned remake of the 1994 film The Crow. A great many people were not happy at the news but I was … reserving judgement. In August we learned that Bradley’s association with the Crow remake was no longer … and that production of the film is on hold until a new star could be found. Today we get a bit of an update from the intended Bradley Cooper remake of The Crow. Concept art that was created for the film has made it’s way to the Internets and Shock ‘Til You Drop gives us a look at what might’ve been had Cooper kept the role of The Crow. Brace yourselves, y’all … the artwork below is … interesting.

This year, a reboot of The Crow was in development with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) sitting at the helm and Bradley Cooper to star as the eponymous character who returns from the grave to exact revenge. Ever wonder what the visual style was going to look like? Furthermore, how Cooper might look as The Crow? Well, concept art from the film has flown our way giving us a sense of the film’s color palette and Cooper’s makeup design, hairstyle and wardrobe. The designs are by the production’s Diego Latorre who worked on “The Hulk” for Marvel and the upcoming “Batman Europa” for DC Comics. His other credits include Fringe and Dante’s Inferno. Latorre’s tells us: “The Crow images published are very early production sketches and are based in my own visual interpretation of the character and not necessarily in Apaches Entertainment and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo vision.”

More of this Crow concept art can be seen HERE at Diego Latorre’s official website. Now that we see what Bradley Cooper’s version of The Crow might’ve looked like, yeah, I think it’s a very good idea that they decided to go in another direction. Latorre’s artwork is fine, technically. But now that I see Bradley “in character costume” I am not really feeling Cooper as The Crow … at all. You kinda lose me at corn rows. Still, even tho I’m not loving this — at all — it’s kinda cool to see what might’ve been had things continued on course. What do y’all think … do you like this artwork? Do you hate it?

Who do YOU think should play The Crow if this remake ever goes into production?


  • Jess

    i still say “looks-wise” alex o’loughlin would be perfect for the part

    • @Jess — OMG, yes! He would be great!

  • Brian

    Cillian Murphy, please…

  • malia

    No One PLEASE. Can’t we just leave this particular movie alone and respect the incredible work Brandon Lee died to make.