Jennifer Lopez Photographed With Her New Toy Boy


In recent days it has been reported that newishly single popstar/actress Jennifer Lopez has started up a romantic realtionship with one of her much younger back-up dancers … a young lad named Casper Smart. The pair have not yet been photographed together lately but TMZ managed to scrounge up a photo of the pair together over the Summer before they reportedly started dating. Wanna see the man that J. Lo is rumored to be sexin’? Check him out below.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Jennifer Lopez with her new BF — and backup dancer — Casper Smart … taken while they were traveling in Europe. According to our sources, Lopez and Smart spent the first few months as “just friends” — flirting, talking and just hanging out — but lately they’ve been touchy-feely in front of JLo’s other dancers. We’re told the mood of rehearsals has shifted — she’s a lot more focused on Casper … who is 24. Jennifer is 42. The photo was snapped in the summer when JLo was in Ukraine for a performance. Casper danced in the show, but we’re told they were not dating at the time. Jennifer’s rep hasn’t gotten back to us.

First off, I have to say … YOU GO, GIRL! I kinda love that she is 42 and he is 24. J. Lo is an amazing woman so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that she is pursued by men and women of all ages. After 7 years with Marc Anthony, yeah, she really deserves a hot younger man, don’tcha think? Here is another photo of J. Lo and Casper together, this time in work mode:

Hopefully we’ll get to see Jen and Casper (Jasper?) lookin’ all couplely soon. I’d love to see Jennifer lookin’ happily attached with a hot man ;)


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Work it out JLO!!!!

  • Kattmow

    Whats up with her loving scrawny fugly guys?!?!

  • LoL

    My thoughts exactly, Kattmow!

  • Nathan

    LOL! I was just thinking that too! Maybe she’s one of those women that likes a guy to know that he can never do better than her? But really, a backup dancer?

  • nicole

    now if this was a 42 yr old man going with a 24 yr old..we wouldnt be saying go for it. i find it kind of gross. im all for dating younger..but 24? come on. i love me some Jlo, i think shes great, but IF this is true, it seems like such a bad move. shes not just a single woman, shes a single mom, little games like this help no one. it seems she has a case of the madonnas.

  • Mela

    If it’s true then my good opinion of her is lessened. The woman has two infant children at home, a marriage that hasn’t even officially ended and a hectic career. maybe just spend more time with your own children Jenn instead of dating one.

  • Adriana

    Chris Judd v 2.0

    • helen

      my thoughts exactly… hasn’t she done the whole back up dancer thing already?? I guess she didn’t learned her lesson…

      The whole “I-just-got-divorced-so-I’ll-find-myself-a-hot-barely-legal-guy” cliche is getting kinda old!

    • anhimals

      Chris was better looking than this guy!

    • SuzieB

      I’m with you @anhimals, Cris was way hotter than this dude. He looks like he’s 16. And not sure who it was that said she has infants at home, I think they’re like 3yrs old now, not exactly infants.


    How many times has her hot pocket been around the block? DAMN!

  • Kattmow

    She’s just an old dolled up slapper trying to hold on to her youth.. Yeah I love most of her movies and songs and granted she’s obvs very talented but ber dating history is pretty bleak to say the very least.

  • Crusadah

    FIRST of all,I used to dance with him in LA 3 years ago,he’s definitely a loser,not talking smack,just being VERY honest,he had sex with my roommate at the time in Boulevard 3’s bathroom (unprotected) mind you,and just went back to the dance floor like nothing happened,if I were JLo I would one,get tested,two,stop while she can and not mess with players!

  • Krissy

    I saw this article from 1998 posted on Lainey the other day, and it FOREVER changed my opinion of J.Lo. I knew she had an ego, but I had no idea it was THIS bad! After reading this article, I can totally see her wanting guys that are weaker than her.

  • Elle

    That guy looks like he should be on a playdate with Justin Bieber.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    I hope this is her just getting hers, cause if she hasn’t learnt from the first time she messed around with a back up dancer, imma have to find her and slap the sh*t out of her.

  • Samantha

    It’s funny how some posters don’t know anything about males. A male is a male, I want a male who gives me great sex, the best sex, I don’t care if he’s got blue eyes, blonde hair. A male is a male, the uglier the male the better the sex he can give! JLo is with him for a reson :) so grow up all you Justin Biever lovers, one day you’ll know what a woman sees in a man and what makes a male attractive.