First Look: ‘The Hunger Games’ Releases A FIRST Movie Trailer


OMG!! The first trailer — OUR VERY FIRST LOOK, IN FACT — for The Hunger Games was JUST released … and I have to tell you, it is AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten chills from watching a movie trailer before … but this first look at The Hunger Games absolutely gave me goosebumps from beginning to end. You must drop EVERYTHING you are doing right now and watch this trailer in full below — IMMEDIATELY!

I understand that trailer intentionally only shows scenes from the first half of the movie in order to preserve the mystery of the actual Hunger Games themselves (as featured in the film). I think this trailer hits ALL the right notes to shoot anticipation and excitement for the film into the stratosphere. When Katniss volunteers for Prim, I actually shivered! It’s so fantastic seeing the scenes we’ve read in the book come alive in this video trailer. Lionsgate, as far as I’ve seen thus far, is doing an EXCELLENT job bringing The Hunger Games alive. Obvs I cannot wait to see more … but this first trailer is EXTREMELY satisfying for me. What do y’all think? Which scene is your fave?

UPDATE: In case some of you are having any problems with the embed above, here is the trailer via You Tube:


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  • Stefanie

    I’ve watched it about 15 times already… good. I need to see it BIGGER.

  • ALSO GOT CHILLS – might have almost cried.

    seriously can’t wait. going to see breaking dawn JUST so i can see this 2:35 clip on the big screen!!!

  • Tabitha

    Just as I imagined it – I can’t wait.

  • MaddieJ

    OMG I’m beyond excited now! This looks incredible!!! The whold scene with chosing the tributes looks incredible and I LOVE seeing Lenny Kravitz in there. His casting was perfect! I cannot wait!

  • gertrude


  • Krissy

    Love it!

  • WickedSandwich

    Aww Rue…and the salute..COME ON ! what a fantastic trailer…

  • Adrienne

    I finally read the books this summer and loved them. This trailer looks amazing. So excited!!! They did a fantastic job casting this movie.

  • sarahhh


  • Virgojai

    Looks so freaking good. Not completely sold on Lenny Kravitz’s look because should be more outlandish. But then again, he’s so sexy why eff with it too much, right?.

    • Madeleine

      Cinna is described the way he looks in the movie poster – gold eyeliner and that’s it!

  • Rachael

    OMFG is right, it is AWWWWEEEESSSSOOOOOMMMMMEE!!!!!!!!! I seriously got major chills and maybe a slight tear in my eye too, LOL!!!! HOLY CRAP!!

  • Andrea SO excited! the Rue salute was sent chills through me. this is going to be great. i can just feel it!!

  • Baybridget

    Sooooooooo excited!! Everything looks spot on! @virgojai- Cinna is supposed to be understated, the only decoration he uses is gold eyeliner.

  • Geana

    Oh my GOD! That was so freaking awesome!!!!!!


  • Mindy

    OMG…march is too far away….

  • Iheartaustin

    Ohmigawd this trailer is amazing I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it! The wait that is four and a half months is way to long to have to wait

  • D

    once I saw effie trinket and all the extras and the district 12 itself ….I knew that this was going to be Epic. My only gripe is that Lionsgate is trying to make this the next Twilight which the Hunger Games is and will never be the answer to twilight. Twilight is it’s own success, entity,and franchise… Let the Hunger Games be the same, but enough of my little rant about this is about one of my favorite book series coming to life and I am beyond ready.

    • Krissy

      I think if they were trying to do the second Twilight, they would have focused the trailer more on the love triangle. Instead they focused more on the survival aspect, which is what I think sets the whole series far above and beyond Twilight.

  • syl

    I swear I got a ladywood when I watched this trailer.

    When she screams out, “I VOLUNTTER!”
    OMG, I shivered!

    When she salutes Rue, I almost cried!

    And I fist pumped when the count down to the game started!

    So much awesomeness comes with this trailer.

    • syl

      opps! “VOLUNTEER!”

    • Krissy

      I agree, the volunteer line completely sold me! I am so glad they got a fantastic actress to play Katniss.

  • Mario C.

    AWESOME trailer… and I’m actually quite relieved :)! they didn’t show up any “unnecessary” shirtless scene or something cheap like in the twilight trailers. thaaank god :D

  • F*@KING AYE! This is going to be EPIC!

    • Tiffany

      This is going to KICK THE SHIZZZZZ out of the Twilight craziness!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire

    This trailer is pure perfection! They give exactly the right amount away in order to please fans and to entice those who haven’t read the books. One of my friends who has never read them said “this looks epic as fuck” which is pretty great. :)

    I definitely cried a little when Katniss screamed “I volunteer!” Her emotion is so perfect right there that I just lost it. And I had goosebumps throughout the entire thing. And even after I’ve seen it 15 times I still get goosebumps.

    And the countdown at the end?! What?! So perfect! Wow. Is it March 23rd yet?!

    • Tiffany

      omg! i almost started crying when katniss volunteered too! if that’s the kind of emotion a trailer can bring out, imagine what the actual movie will do to us!!

  • Katie

    OMG! So amazing! That countdown at the end gave me chills.

  • Jenna

    So maybe its different but it looks like Prim is wearing the mockingjay pin at the reaping. I guess they’re gonna have Prim give her the pin instead of the mayor’s daughter?

    • Claire

      Yeah, Madge, the mayor’s daughter, was sadly cut out of the films. So now the honor goes to Prim.

  • Lulu

    Ok, I totally teared up! I can. not. wait. to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I got goosebumps and it’s 80 degrees inside my house, bro! Aw sheiiiiiiiiiiiiiit x3, etc. <3

  • Brianna

    The four-note whistle is what got me at the end. Like my hair stands on end for a good 30 seconds after watching this…..

    Love you Peeta. Call me.

  • Dana Bible

    OMG!!! I can’t wait!! I think this cast is going to be fabulous!!!! Jennifer is going to be terrific as Katniss!!! Lennie Kravitz is going to be a good Cinna! And Josh Hutcherson is going to bring the character of Peeta to life on screen! Thumbs up Lionsgate!!!

  • Chivonne

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can’t even contain myself! This looks so freakin’ amazing! I cried when she took Prim’s place. I just can’t even handle it

  • this trailer made me so happy, it’s just so much better than that teaser they released before. i seriously cannot wait for this.

    • @katelin — They never released a trailer before.

    • yeah, they released that real short teaser trailer of katniss in the woods during the VMA’s.

    • @danielle — Oh right, the teaser. Technically not a trailer but I see what katelin is saying now.

  • Yeah, so I cried. Like a baby.
    She looked so frightened when she was going up the chute to enter the arena. Excellent casting.

  • JCZ

    Perfection. Jennifer as Katniss and Peter as well.
    I prefer the older looking Gale personally, I know some have been disagreeing as a major point of the books is about childrens lives being used for entertainment and punishment.

    I will say my imagination of District 12 was much different. The fence and the woods was way different to mine. The clothes too. But I am by no means disappointed – it’s just another persons view of the books and looks great.

    I’ve farewelled HP this years.
    Seeking the Dragon’s Tattoo next month.
    Starving for some Hunger Games this year.

  • I GOT CHILLS TOO! First time ever. I am so so excited. I loved the little shot of Stanley Tucci and Lenni Kravitz and Woody Harrleson…looks to me like the casting was PERFECT. Yay!

  • V

    The part where she kisses her fingers and holds them out.

    • NINurse

      Yea I choke up at that part every time too

  • Squeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Smoo

    omg soooo good!!!!

  • Karly

    SUCH a good trailer!! So excited! I just hope I’ll beable to see on it the openning day here in China :/