Kevin Federline Reportedly Offends Others With His Drunken Nekkidness


Kevin Federline has been known to offend people when he is sober and fully clothed so it comes to NO SURPRISE TO ME WHATSOEVER to hear that he reportedly offended hotel guests after a drunken night of naked stupidity. According to the report, K-Fed got liquored up before he stripped down and bared his body (his big body, mind you) to other hotel guests. I can’t think of many things more horrible than the sight of nekkid K-Fed so I can completely understand why people may have gotten upset.

BRITNEY Spears’s ex, Kevin Federline, is at the centre of complaints he went on a drunk and naked romp poolside at South Yarra hotspot The Olsen. A resident at the upmarket hotel claimed the failed rapper went to the pool and stripped off after enjoying a meal at a hotel restaurant last Monday. “It was Kevin Federline – 100 per cent,” said the resident, a married mother with a young girl. “Drunk doesn’t even cover it. He was a mess.” After dinner, the resident claimed Federline and another unidentified man got naked. “They were nude. It was disgusting. I could see everything, absolutely everything,” she said. “I was seriously offended and went to complain to management.” She also said a woman stripped down to her bra and knickers and jumped into the hotel pool. The resident said Federline invited her to his room at the hotel for a party. She declined. The resident said she was allowed to review closed circuit television footage to back her claims when she complained to management. The woman said an on-duty manager spoke to Federline and his guests after she complained. Federline is said to be a celebrity guest on Channel 9’s new weight-loss show, Excess Baggage. The hotel confirmed Federline was celebrating with an entourage including paparazzi king Darryn Lyons and former Hawthorn star Robert DiPierdomenico. The resident said DiPierdomenico refused Federline’s constant badgering to strip off. A manager at The Olsen said: “They were drinking and they were boisterous. “But there is no clear footage of nakedness on our CCTV footage.” The manager confirmed the resident had filed a complaint. Yesterday, a Nine spokeswoman said the production company had spoken to hotel management and no complaint had been registered. Federline, 33, a dancer, rapper and actor popularly known as K-Fed, and more recently K-Fat, was married to Spears for two years. They have two children.

I mean … is any of this at all hard to believe? Not to me. And I’m telling you, if I was forced to bear witness to K-Fed’s “everything”, I’d do more than just complain. I’d very likely gouge my eyes out of their sockets and grind them into dust before setting them on fire. Ugh. At least K-Fed has a new job on a new show. Excess Baggage sounds like the perfect project to launch The Federline back into the public eye. Tho, if too many public eyes continue to see too much of him, his career would deffo be over.


  • Ellen

    hmmm….how about the fact he asks the woman who “stripped down to her bra and knickers” to come up to his room for a party. I don’t think it was just to have a few drinks. At least she had some sense. I wonder what his girlfriend, who just bore his baby, thinks about this. Thank g-d Brittney wised up about him.

  • Liza

    Trent, I am super disappointed you pos

    • @Liza — What, may I ask, are you disappointed by? I’m curious.

    • Leah

      I’m curious what was so distracting she couldn’t finish her comment.

    • Ava

      I wanted to know, too. She did finish her sentence. She should have capitalized “POS” and ended with a period. (If that’s what she was intending on saying.

      So WHAT are you disappointed in? Calling someone a POS is a bit harsh.

    • lori

      @Ava… look at the next comment. she explained what she was disappointed in… the “pos” was supposed to be “posted”, but her comment got interrupted. i don’t necessarily agree with her, but don’t make this into more than it is.

    • @lori — OMG, I actually thought she meant “P.O.S.” as well … I was all, wtf??

  • Liza

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    As I’ve mentioned before, I know Kevin and I do not believe this. He is extremely self conscious about his extra pounds and when those pool photos came out recently he said he wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

    Between the management saying no complaint was made and stipulating that NO NUDITY WAS SEEN ON THE SECURITY FOOTAGE…I am very disappointed you posted this.

    Kevin was offered seven figures to give a photo spread of the kids and an interview when Britney was going through her troubles. He never considered it. Although the same week he turned that down, Britney sold three photos of the kids to a tabloid for $100,000. I’m so sick of nobody giving him credit for raising his kids and staying under the radar when publishing houses, magazines, and tv shows were literally begging him to take massive payouts simply to confirm what everyone knew, that Britney needed help.

    He’s not a saint, not by a long shot. But jeez, don’t paint the guy as a dog when an unknown, unverified source SELLS an anecdotal story to a rag, a story which is completely discounted by available evidence.

    I asked a member of the crew and he said not only was Kevin never nude, but he wore a t-shirt part of the time in the water. He also said two girls were doing everything but turning cartwheels to insert themselves into the group and were rebuffed…and I just BET it was one of them who was so “offended”.

    • @Liza — Oh, thanks for explaining. But I stand by my contention that I can believe that something like this could’ve happened.

    • srp

      so he turned down one deal years ago, but now he still gets paid from flaunting his kids to GSI. that’s a real stand-up guy. I cant stand when people defend him for doing what he should have been doing all along, taking care of his kids and NOT just when Britney had her break-down. He might be a nice guy, but that doesn’t excuse him from profiting from his kids.

      I don’t really believe he stripped down either.

      If he is so self-conscious about his weight, why doesn’t he do something about it without having to get paid to get healthy? Things like that and the GSI thing is what makes me unsure about his motives.

    • Sandy

      If he’s such a good father, why don’t we ever see him with his other kids? You know, the ones with Shar Jackson…

  • Liza

    I do not mean I hate your blog comment system…I’m pretty sure it’s a Feeddler issue. But holy crap, it’s annoying.

  • Sarah

    If this story is true or not I still think he is creepy. He just rubs me the wrong way.

  • rOXy

    Kfed is a big, fat loser. Period. I can’t stand it when people defend him just because he laid low when the media was hounding him for details about Britney’s meltdown. I wouldn’t be surprised if Britney’s team paid him off to keep his mouth shut. I don’t think honor had anything to do with it. Noble he ain’t. He was bad for her, and I truly believe he was the reason she went off the rails in the first place. Good riddance to him. He can always get a gig as the Sta Puft Marshmallow Man or the Michelin Man. His poor children. He is an embarrassment.

    • I don’t think he was the reason she “went off the rails.” I imagine that poor girl has had a lot of pressure all of her life, probably originating with her parents. I would hope that if I were famous, my family would help me to maintain custody of my children, not send me off on tour like they’re trying to make as much money off of me as possible.

    • rOXy

      @April – I still maintain he was her downfall. Sure, she had pressures like anyone in in the biz, but she seemed fine until she became involved with him and his lifestyle of drugs and partying.

    • Be a little inappropriate

      What are you talking about tho? Britney has her kids like 95% of the time right now and that’s because of Jamie. He’s the one who got kevin to let her see them after she lost custody and he was the one who made them sit down and come to an agreement, so she could have them when she wanted to tour in 2009 which led to her legally regaining 50/50 visitation.

      Proving that she can work and take care of her kids at the same time only makes her look better in the eyes of the court. Once the Cons is over she should have no trouble regaining physical custody, cause technically that’s what she had for the last 3 years.

  • pinky

    I normally don’t comment on blows but I compelled to. While I believe Kevin might not be the sole reason to her breakdown, he did not help either. People tend to forget the time he basically abandon her and the kids to pursue his rap career. I am not going to blame just him for that, she was aware of this before she married him. He left his pregnant girlfriend to run after fame. As for comment about her parents and her need to tour, I am sure they might have contributed to her breakdown, but to claim they’re not helping or supporting her is ridiculous. Britney lost both custody and visiting rights, thanks to her family, she has them it her touring to support herself and family, she now has a good relationship with her kids. Just because she had a breakdown or has an illness don’t mean she should give up her dream. #justsaying

  • pinky

    Sorry for the typos, I meant blogs not blow

  • maxx E padd

    It’s a dick. It is not going to bite you. Get over it. Really what did he do? So what.

  • GregV

    I don’t see what the big deal is about seeing someone you’re not attracted to when he/she is naked.
    Do you gouge your eyes out when you see someone whose hair got blown out of place or when you see a cupcake with imperfect frosting?
    The weird thing is that people who “don’t want to see that” stare at nothing but.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Whatever he can keep his ass in wherever the hell he is for ass long as he wants, that just means Britney has the boys for longer. Tho I do find it hilarious that he’s still doing what he always does right after the women he’s with has a kid. I wonder how long till he and Victoria break up.

  • Michael Laing

    I’d hit it!!