David & Victoria Beckham Get Cozy At Their Son’s Soccer Game


Proud parents David and Victoria Beckham were on hand to lend their support to son Romeo James at his soccer game here in chilly LA yesterday and the pair spent quite a bit of time cozying up to one another thruout the day. Yes, the weather was a bit nippy but my guess is that the lurve between Les Beckhams was the cause for all the affectionate PDA ;) Check out the cute photos below.

Even by the standards of grey British winters, today was a miserable day in LA. A storm, which had been dementedly foreshadowed by Southern California weathercasters, brought rain and bone-shaking dampness overnight. And the day was dark and colder than Angelenos are used to… even at this time of year. So it’s a good job that Victoria Beckham, 37 , is – despite her many years lived in the sun spoiled city – a plucky Brit who is happy to brave the elements if the occasion demands it. An appointment to watch son Romeo, nine , play football in the suburbs of the city, today, was certainly a special enough event to get the whole clan out. It’s endearing to see how this refreshingly normal celebrity family pull together to support their members, and their freezing touchline support was particularly sweet. Baby Harper, not yet four months old, slept in her pram as the rest of the family watched with rapt faces from the side of the pitch. Victoria looked stunning in a warming but fitted black ensemble, but she obviously still felt the cold as the fashion designer clung on to her 36-year-old husband as the game progressed.
The L.A Galaxy star looked as if he had stepped from a billboard advertising cosy cabin breaks in a heavy-knit cream cardigan over a white T-shirt and baggy jeans. A blue woolly hat proved that savvy David knows how to maintain his heat. The only sign that Victoria was any different to the other glamorous soccer moms was the pair of aviator-style sunglasses she wore throughout the game. It was so dark out there, it’s surprising she could see the game.

Awww … so cute. It’s rare that we see Vicki B. lookin’ so affectionate. Even behind her dark sunglasses, you can tell that she was enjoying the close affection she was sharing with her hubby Becks. These are cute photos. I’d love to see VB warm up more … even if the weather has to cool down for her to do so.

[Photo credit: Xposure, X17; Source]

  • Lushh

    I love them. They’re beautiful with a beautiful family, and a real marriage.

  • Alex

    Ugh, she keeps grabbing him! He’s not even touching her. Let him go!!! He’s mine… Well, he was for a moment during that dream I had a few months ago when we were… Nevermind.

  • Chris

    She has no expression on her face. She actually looks kind of miserable. Does she realize who her husband is and what he looks like in armani underwear! LOL

  • Elle

    While it’s strange that someone who has VB’s life doesn’t smile more often, I wouldn’t say she’s not affectionate. I understand that it’s weird to see her without a smile so often when you if you were in her place you’d be photographed doing cartwheels. lol. Some people simply aren’t super smiley though. I’ve known a few people who just constantly look a little pissed off even when they are perfectly happy. I think Victoria is just one of those people.