Watch: Britney Spears Releases A ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour DVD Teaser


Tonight is the night … Britney Spears’s tour special broadcast of her Femme Fatale Tour will air on EPIX TONIGHT … and to get us amped for the big event, we get to check out a couple of videos to get y’all in the mood. First up, we get to check out a video teaser for the DVD/Blue-ray release of the FF tour. We also get to check out a preview clip of Britney’s performance of Up N’ Down as will be featured on tonight’s EPIX broadcast of her show. Check out the clips below.

I’m really hoping the DVD/Blue-ray release of this show will be able to capture some of the magic of the live show. I know it’s impossible to do so but, that is my hope. Here is a clip of the Up N’ Down performance that has been released by EPIX:

Remember, you can get a FREE trial of EPIX and watch the Femme Fatale Tour broadcast TONIGHT by following the instructions found HERE. Don’t miss this, y’all.

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  • Will

    i heard somewhere this was also filmed in 3-d.
    i hope it’s true cause this tour would look fantastic in 3-d blu-ray.
    i was also wondering why she never released a documentary/concert movie in theaters. i mean, we had miley, bieber, u2, madonna, michael jackson, etc… why not britney?

    i would absolutely LOVE to see one of her concerts on IMAX someday.


    I just finished watching it and was disappointed… I mean, I get that they have to reduce the audience but the fact that they replaced her live vocals with her previous studio albums pisses me off! People who did not go to the show will think she lipsynched the whole time which, in parts, she did, but not the whole thing. It’s not cool. Her team is extremely stupid for letting Epix do this, in my opinion. It makes her look lazy and unprofessional. IDK. Her body looked amazing that night though.

  • Sara

    Okay … did anyone notice the rock she was wearing?? She was wearing in the Criminal video too. Engagement ring?? *wishful thinking*

  • Mike

    Britney, according to Epix, wanted to dub the live vocals.

    • JCZ

      Cause she really has a lot of say in her business antics. The most she gets is a decision on a music video concept!


  • Kris

    I’m bummed she’s not releasing any behind-the-scenes and rehearsal scenes to this DVD. I always enjoy seeing her in unscripted moments. Well, as unscripted as can be expected for a tour DVD.

  • Matt

    I was at this Toronto show… which was AMAZING!!! There is something so exciting about seeing Britney in concert (I’ve been lucky to see her twice) & the atmosphere – full of happy + dancing people is just priceless!!

    Does anybody know when/where and if they will be airing this in Canada? I’d like to see it!! Thanks! :)