Are Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Lookin’ To Shack Up Together?


For the past couple of months (approximately), former co-stars Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been quietly creeping around together in a romantic fashion. Today we are hearing that things may be getting seriously serious for the couple … ‘cuz rumor has it that Blake and Ryan are looking for a love shack to share together in NYC. Could it be? Could Ryely be ready to move in together?

Sources have reported that they saw Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hunting for a house in New York. The “Green Lantern” co-stars never confirm that they are dating but if the report is true, then their relationship is moving at a light speed. Lively has been frequently seen with Reynolds since her split from actor Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this year. She was his companion on his birthday last month. They have been seeing each other for about a month now and may be looking at a future together. Among the properties they saw was a $4.5 million apartment in Manhattan. It is sandwiched between the historic Flatiron building and the Empire State and is nestled on the back of Madison Square Park. “When they’d finished looking Blake left the building first. She was wearing knee-high boots with jeans a coat and a fedora hat,” a witness said. The couple apparently is still discreet about being seen together, stepping into the same car at a time difference. “Blake’s little dog was waiting with the driver in the car for them while they looked inside the building,” the witness added.

HMMM. On the one hand, I could see how the pair might want a place in the city to share … but all of this sounds awfully fast. That being said, Ryan did marry and divorce Scarlett Johansson pretty quickly. Blake blew thru her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio even quicker. Maybe these two really are moving at the speed of light … cuz that’s how they roll. I guess we’ll wait and see. What do y’all think? Do YOU think Ryely are ready to shack up together?


  • Lushh

    Who hasn’t Blake dated? She hops from man to man and it’s kind of gross. She’s always chasing to replace.

    • Starryeyed

      Actually, who HAS she dated? Penn Badgley, Leo DiCaprio and now Ryan Reynolds. OMG, stop the press, a 24 year old dating three men! The horror. Seriously, get a grip.

  • Joon

    Maybe he’s helping her house-hunt. I would hope he learned his lesson with Scarlett that you don’t want to rush into things. But sometimes people (celebrities and us regular folk) don’t get it.

    • anonymous

      he and scarlett lived together for a year they moved in 2007 got engaged in May of 2008 and married in september of 2008

  • She hasn’t dated that many people. She was with Penn Badgley for a long time, then Leonardo and now, apparently, Ryan Reynolds.

    Even if she is dating every guy in Hollywood, who cares? Nobody thinks twice if a man does it.

    • Grace

      Thank you :)
      Most of Hollywood is made up of bed-jumping skanks – and we love it! LOL

  • Z

    Lord I hope they’re not serious =’C! He is wwwwaaayyy to good for her!!

  • Bounds

    Vapid narcissists who can only date other narcissists no matter how pleasant they come off to the press. God forbid one of these people date someone who is not an actor/actress? Why is it that the only people they find worth investing time in is not worth investing time in. This time in two years we will be reading about their divorce and how Ryan is now dating insert 20 something it blonde actresses name here and Blake will have finally homewrecked the Affleck household and be seen taking Violet Affleck to school. Same stupid story every time with these mirror absorbing media blips…

    • I can understand only dating people who are in entertainment. They can understand things better than somebody who isn’t. Besides, when you’re famous, you have the added concern of whether somebody likes you, that character you played in the movie or your celebrity status.

    • anonymous

      It is called dating your peers, Most people like it or not date within their own social groupings. The head cheerleader usually is dating who? Wealthy businessmen/woman date who? These people know this business so who better to understand what they have to go thru, I would suspect they are bit “thick skinned” to endure all the back stabbing, and phoneys this town has, so to form a bond is not unnatural. I hope they can make it work. From reading about them, they have a lot in common when it comes to relationships, they are both the youngest of large Irish Catholic families. and when he could had just slept with Scarlett like the other men in her life, he chose to marry. If she had Ben A. he and his wife would not be smiling and expecting a 3rd child and Scarlett and Ryan would not be friends. Cut them so slack, we only know what the mags print

  • Geana

    She bugs me in this picture. Her head looks ginormous and her smile looks like she can’t make up her mind to be excited or hold off on smiling.

  • jellybean

    Does anybody believe these two have only been dating for a month? I don’t! The Leo thing was a front for both Blake AND Leo, which is why Leo was happy for it to be as public as possible. All the while, Blake and Ryan have been seeing each other. I became convinced when Blake flew to Cape Town when Ryan was shooting Safe House. Just her. Then Ryan had that dinner with Leo and Blake. Why? This is not a couple who have JUST started dating people.

    • anonymous

      That funny, you are the 1st poster; I have read that mentioned Cape Town. Yes she was there when he was filming Safe House she has talked about Shark diving while there and Ryan did as well but did not go because he really did not want to but they had reshoots for the GL. either way he and Scarlett had filed for divorce. I too think they have been in touch for a while, and Leo was caught in the middle of this affair.

    • guest

      She went shark diving in South Africa with Taika Waititi from Green Lantern while they were there for a day of re-shoots. Ryan was seen with that German model while he was filming Safe House in SA. I’m not saying Blake and Ryan couldn’t have developed feelings for each other while filming or promoting GL, or that they weren’t waiting it while they got over the break-ups of their long term relationships, but those are the facts. If they’ve moved fast it’s probably because they were friends first.