Madonna Will Reportedly Film A New Music Video Next Month


In the wake of the early leak of Madonna’s new single Give Me All Your Love earlier this week, we are hearing a new rumor today that Maddy is already planning to film the music video for the track. According to the fansite Drowned Madonna, Madge will reportedly film the video for Give Me All Your Love around December 5. Additionally, the report claims that M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj (who are said to guest on the track) will also appear in the video. HMMMM. Could Madonna really be planning a music video shoot so soon? heard that the video shoot for Madonna’s Give Me All Your Love – the first single from her forthcoming album -is tentatively planned for December 5-7 in New York City. We have also been told that Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. will be in the video as well as of now. At this point we don’t know if the early leak of Give Me All Your Love will change this plan.

HMMM … I’m not sure if I believe this report just yet. It occurs to me that if the Give Me All Your Love demo leak was intentional (to test fan reaction to the song before Madonna performs it at the Super Bowl in front of a billion people), then it’s possible that a music video might be put together as soon as possible to keep the momentum going right up to the Super Bowl performance. The demo leaks in November, makes a splash. The video comes out in late December/early January, makes another splash. The song gets released and performed in February, makes yet another splash. Well, we’ll see. If Maddy does film the video in dearly December, we’ll prolly see some photographic evidence so … stay tuned.



    Nicki Minaj has been EVERYWHERE the past two years! I get that she’s popular, but her being on a track is so cliche, predictable, and, well, annoying. Madonna doesn’t need Nicki. M.I.A. and a Madonna collaboration is interesting, yes, but the whole Nicki thing is just a major turn off for me.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Looking forward to M domination in 2012!

  • Kevin

    I really hate the use of the word “prolly”

  • Ryan

    How blind can super-fans get? On this song….the Empress has no clothes. Singing this at the SuperBowl will ruin her. I can’t believe after four years of Gaga cramping her style this is what she comes back with. If it’s true they’re looking for reactions then it’s better not to suck up to Madonna on this one and let her know she shouldn’t do it.

    • shle896

      Don’t forget, this is NOT the final version of the song, it’s only a demo and from everything I’ve read and from the reaction the song is getting via social media, it’s going to be a big hit. It’s terribly catchy and I’m sure that Madonna’s forthcoming album will be yet another fresh new sound for Madonna, who NEVER rests on her laurels. She’s working with quite a cornucopia of producers, so it’s hard telling from just one leaked demo what the album is going to sound like. It certainly isn’t going to “ruin” her. In fact, it appears to be yet another hit to add to Madonna’s unprecedented number of hit songs.

      I don’t, however, understand why M.I.A. or Nicki Minaj are even part of the song? They’re by no means household names and I scarcely hear them in the demo. Madonna doesn’t need these two girls – whoever they are!

    • cut

      If one more person says “this is only a demo” I am gonna throw up!!! This is the the song, these are the lyrics and this is it. How different can it possible be. The song sucks and there is nothing that Nicky Minaj or William Orbit can do to change it! I ADORE Madonna but this song is a disgrace!

    • @cut — of course it’s the demo. it’s the version of the song without nicki or mia. if they decide not to go with the guest performances than, i suppose, this version could be released … but it’s a finished demo track as it is now.