Two Rumored Madonna Song Demos Leak To The Internets


Yesterday we got our first look at the bottle for Madonna’s first-ever celebrity fragrance called Truth or Dare by Madonna (due for release in Macy’s stores next March) but today we get some RUMORED new music news. Two demos produced by The Messangers have leaked their way online and are said to be demos from Madonna’s new album. Now, it’s impossible to know if the demos are, in fact, from Madonna’s recording sessions but … they’re deffo worth checking out just in case. Madonna and family made their way to the Kabbalah Centre in NYC, NY yesterday for their weekly visit and as you can see below, Maddy was trying to keep a low profile on her way out.

Two tracks produced by The Messengers and said to be demos for Madonna’s new album hit the Internet late last night … First up, “Love Is On Fire.” It sounds about right for modern-day Madge, don’t you think? Next, “Dirty Liar,” also produced by The Messengers for Madonna’s new album.

I dunno. The tracks sound good to me … so this could be the sound that Maddy is going for on her new album. We won’t know for sure until we hear Madonna vocals … or get to see an official album tracklist. At this early stage in the game, even if these songs were recorded by Madonna, they might not even make it on to the album. This is a great tease tho, just in case these songs do make the cut. What do y’all think? Do you like these tracks? Is this the sound YOU are hoping to hear from Madonna on her new album?

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  • Joanna

    As much as I would like these to be the real thing, we won’t know for sure until she formally releases a single. That being said, these songs sound more like something Britney would have put on her current album. This could also be due to the fact that these vocals are clearly not Madonna. I hope she confirms some sort of single soon. I know her album won’t be released until the spring, but its been too long since we’ve gotten new music from her.

  • oops!!! … i hope this is just a false rumor!

  • Brandon

    I really like Love is on fire!
    I hope if Madonna doesn’t use it someone else will.

  • Pat

    I had hoped for something more than just standard pop songs from Madonna. Maybe these songs will end up on a Brit or Katy album but Madonna is capable of so much more.

    • Will

      You took the words from my mouth.
      This is the woman who brought us classic albums (and songs) such as “Like A Prayer” and “Ray Of Light”.
      I will be disappointed if she goes with this “Love On Fire” BS.
      While I do love bubbly dance floor songs, I just wish she would change her direction already.
      I say quit with the bubbly shine electronic dance music.
      Give us something more serious with a little more depth.

  • these songs are good but a bit generic….if madinna has recorded these iam sure there will major changes in them and madonna will make it her own and special….

  • Robert

    The chorus/beat of Dirty Liar reminds me of Britney’s ‘Kill The Light’s… go head, listen!

  • The song is everything a country tune should be: deep, meaningful lyrics, excellent musicianship, and passionate singing and playing. The song is so familiar I was humming away with it the first time I listened. Another highlight is “As You Turn Away,” a song with a catchy hook and incredible vocal melodies and harmonies. If you liked Lady Antebellum’s two previous albums, or if you’re a fan of country music, you’ll love this. Highly recommended!!

  • Finally someone found where these soungs came from: