Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Have NOT Broken Up


Earlier this week a woman made the shocking claim that popstar Justin Bieber is the father of her 3 month old child. In the wake of that claim, rumors started going around that Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez dumped him. According to an official statement by Selena’s people, Justena have NOT broken up at all. The Biebs vehemently denies that he is the father of anyone’s baby and Gomez’s people want the world to know that he and Selena are still together, happy as can be.

Don’t worry, music fans: Selena Gomez is still a Belieber. Despite Internet reports Friday that Gomez, 19, had called it quits with Justin Bieber, 17, a rep for Gomez tells Us Weekly reports of a split are untrue. The chatter came just days after a 20-year-old California woman claimed Bieber fathered her 3-month-old son. “I’d just like to say, basically, that none of those allegations are true,” Bieber told Today’s Matt Lauer Friday, refuting Mariah Yeater’s claim that she met and had sex with the singer backstage at a Los Angeles concert. “I know that I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim.”

Whew! You can rest well, world, all is right in the epic romance of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I know you may have been having a hard time sleeping lately, worried about the state of Justena’s relationship but … fret no longer. Justin and Selena have NOT broken up. I repeat, Justin and Selena have NOT broken up.


  • katie

    Lol! Justin sure is getting a lot of extra publicity around the time of his record release isn’t he. Crazy wacko with a baby, breakup rumors…hmmmm. Poor thing, ha ha.


    He’s extremely unattractive.

    • EMMA

      Actually, to most girls, he’s effin’ FINE. Selena’s super pretty too. Glad they’re still together. <3

    • Elle

      Girls, being the operative word.

    • EMMA

      Fine. Females.

    • Elle

      No offense…I’ll buy he’s fine to most girls, despite neither of us knowing most girls, but I highly doubt most females in this country over the age of 21 feel the same way..again despite us not knowing most females.

  • lil usha

    yeahhhhhhhhhh u’re right!!!!!that’s it!!

  • Sofia

    she is so out of his league its ridiculous. and im sorry if i were a guy who was constantly mistaken for a lesbian i would NOT have BOTH of my ears pierced. or at least im assuming he has both pierced because who gets their right pierced when their left isnt? i TOTALLY mistook him for a female justin bieber lookalike for a sec and had to do a double take.

  • Mariah

    Are we 100% positive this kid doesn’t have a vagina because he legit looks like a lesbian. Not like there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m just saying…as he grows more into a man, the more of a lesbian he looks.