Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Into The Movember Spirit


The month of November is known by some as Movember, which is a month long event where men around the world grow out their facial hair in an attempt to raise awareness for men’s health issues. It would seem that actor Jake Gyllenhaal has gotten WELL into the spirit of Movember because he showed up this week at the NYC premiere of the film Take Shelter sporting a full face of facial hair. When you’re talking hot mo’ bros, you’re talking our dear Jakey poo.

Sigh. Now, in all honesty, Jake doesn’t really need an event like Movember as an excuse to grow out his beard … but I can’t say that I mind very much. Jake looks good clean-shaven, yes, but there is something about the lad all hairy that is also very appealing. When he’s all bearded out, I imagine he is like a big teddy bear just WAITING to be hugged and squeezed. If YOU run into Jake on the streets of wherever, I would suggest that you NOT accost him with hugs and squeezes … but it is a nice thought, isn’t it? Movember has just gotten underway so we are likely to see more hairy goodness from guys like Jake. Happy Holidays!

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Sergeja

    I’m thinking more beardcember or bearbruary for him ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He does look way better with facial hair. I could just sit there and twist it and whisper things into his ear!! OMG, SO DAMN HAWT!!!

  • mb

    I’d never heard of Movember…I always just knew it as “No-Shave November”, and it was an excuse for all my guy friends in college to skip shaving all month (and some girls, too!). I guess it’s cool that some people use it to raise awareness for a good cause.