Watch: Lindsay Lohan Appears In The ‘Sophomore’ Spring 2012 Promo Video


Later this morning, Lindsay Lohan will appear in court to answer charges that she violated her probation. According to TMZ, L. Lo’s plan will be to admit to the crime of violating her probation and will throw herself at the mercy of the court … and will likely get tossed in jail as a result. BUT, before all of that takes place, let’s check out a new promo video from the Sophomore clothing company that inexplicably features a guest appearance by supermodel Lindsay Lohan in the clip. For some reason, fashion companies keep associating themselves with Lindsay and her … celebrity/notoriety. Before we find out if Lindsay is going to become a jailbird again, let’s see her latest stint as supermodel product endorser.

I dunno … I just don’t understand why any brand would want people to associate Lindsay and her trainwrecky antics with their company. I mean, yes, we are talking about this association … but not in a way that would make anyone want to run out and buy anything from that company. To her credit, Lindsay looks pretty good in the clip. Let’s hope she got paid some big bucks for this appearance cuz we all know she needs the dough. Lindsay’s latest courtroom drama will be upon us soon …

… prepare yourselves.


  • Naty

    LOVEEE LINDSAY!!! It donesn’t matter if she is in jail or not she’s awsomeee!!!