Justin Bieber Is Accused Of Fathering A Love Child


Justin Bieber may be a father, y’all. According to a claim made by a young California woman named Mariah Yeater, The Biebs lurved up on her backstage at a concert and left her with child. Naturally, Bieber’s people are denying the claim but … in the realm of possibility, this accusation IS a valid one. Could it be? Could Bieber have fathered a love child in his wild youth while on tour?

He is currently dating pop sweetheart Selena Gomez, but the 19-year-old might not be happy with recent reports about her beau Justin Bieber.
A 20-year-old woman is said to have filed a lawsuit against the teen pop sensation alleging he is the father of her three-month-old baby, Radaronline.com have reported. According to reports the California woman named as Mariah Yeater is asking the Baby singer to take a paternity test. The website reports that Star magazine have obtained the court papers, which are said to have be filed late October, making the request. According to the website Ms Yeater asks for Bieber ‘to provide adequate support for my baby.’ It has been reported the woman claims she had sex with the underage star on October 25 last year when she was aged 19-years-old, he was aged 16-years-old out the time. That would mean under California law that he was underage and if the claims turn out to be true Ms Yeater would be guilty of statutory rape of a minor. According to the website a hand-signed affidavit has been reviewed and claiming that Yeater was invited backstage by bodyguards after Bieber’s performance at the L.A. Staples centre. It reports that after describing meeting the singer Yeater wrote in the affidavit: ‘Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone. I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time. We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to fuck the shit out of me. At the time I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to. In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything.’ She is said to have described the intercourse as ‘brief’. A court hearing is said to have been set for December 15 … according to TMZ a spokesperson for the star said: ‘While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims.’

Um … pardon me but, LMAOOOOOOO!!!! I’m sorry … I know Justin Bieber is an incredibly wealthy young boy who can have pretty much ANYTHING he wants and yes, it’s entirely PLAUSIBLE that he not only said these, ahem, dirty things to Ms. Yeater and then proceeded to, ahem, “eff the shizz” out of her but … I’m having a real hard time picturing this sort of thing taking place. Hell, I have a hard time picturing Justin Bieber crossing the street without someone holding his hand. Still … in all fairness, I suppose this claim could turn out to be true. What do YOU think? Do YOU think The Biebs knocked up this groupie fan? Can YOU picture him saying the things she says he said? Er, I mean, without laughing your ass off?


  • Andrea

    I don’t get it. If they find that he is actually the father she’ll be accused of statutory rape of a minor. So why would she be pushing this so hard only to potentially land herself in jail and also look like a major idiot to the entire world! I’m with you Trent, I’m still waiting for the kid’s voice to change and puberty to hit!

    • @Andrea — “If they find that he is actually the father she’ll be accused of statutory rape of a minor. So why would she be pushing this so hard only to potentially land herself in jail” The potential pay day is significant if Beiber did father her child.

  • Nikita

    This is the greatest thing I have ever heard! It’s probably a complete load of sh*t but I cannot wait to watch this all play out.

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Keegan

    Justin saying “I want to eff the shizz out of you” is the funniest picture I will have in my head today.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Wouldn’t you have to have hit puberty and be able to produce sperm to get someone pregnant?

    • SuzieB

      LOL if a boy can eff the shizz he can knock a groupie up. It’s biologically possible. Yet seemingly improbable! ;)

    • c-word

      since when did the beibs’ balls drop?? besides, i read that they had sex in a bathroom – biebs doesn’t strike me as the type that would lose his v-card in a bathroom… or maybe he would?

    • Krissy

      Funny you ask, c-word. According to his manager in the most recent Billboard, “Musically, his balls have dropped”.

    • Álex

      I’ve seen and heard about 14 and 15 year old kids having babies so I guess it is quite possible for a 16 year old to get someone preggo. Bieber doesn’t strike me as a “fu** the shizz out of you” guy but you never know. I think it is a load of crap.

  • SuzieB

    There’s sooo many things about this that I just don’t get! I don’t get why a 19yr old girl would be at a Justin Bieber concert! My 11yr old is into him, but not the 13yr old who says she’s too old/cool for that! :) It’s a shame no matter how you look at this actually, if it’s fake, that this girl is defaming him. If it’s true, that his handlers/parents etc didn’t teach him better than to umm “not wrap it up” when “f’ing the sh*t” outta groupies. (can we be honest here, he doesn’t look like he could f the s outta anything!!)

    • Eri

      Uh, I think women of every age are fans. I’m personally not, but my 50 year old aunt is a HUGE Bieber fan (I know – ew.) Apparently a lot of people became fans after watching his movie, so I don’t know if you can generalize…

  • Marcus_Em

    lol wats really going on here is the beebs is getting too old and his voice is changing so his handlers and the powers that be/the elders ( watever u wanna call them) created a new beebs a clone beebs and this is their way of explaining it’s existence.. please look forward to the baby’s new cd “It’s My World Now Bitch! 2.5″ featuring hit’s like “beebs Baby” and “Father to love” and “Eenie Meenie” wait no that was actually an original beeb song.. O WELL .. this made my day ;-)

  • Velaine

    This just looks like an attempt to revamp his image. His handlers can’t make the boy look older, so they pump some story into the media about him possibly fathering a child. This turns the squeaky clean kid that 11 year olds love into the “bad boy” that has rumored hookups with women over the age of 18.

    Please. It’s an attempt to appeal to an older fanbase by making him “sexy” and “shocking” in the media. They do this with female teen pop stars all the time. It’s just easier with girls, because all they have to do is wear more revealing clothing. I guess it takes a bit more creativity to sexify the boy pop stars.

  • Nicola

    To me this is totally believable. The Biebs is determined to show the world how manly he is, despite his pre-pubescent face. I can totally see him saying these things!!

  • Ama

    Why would an adult woman claim to sleep with an underage male? I mean, I know his girlfriend is technically an “adult” right now, while he isn’t considered legal yet but—-why would you admit it? Or admit to being a groupie for a tween sensation? I mean, it’s believable that he could have sex with a groupie, not use protection and end up having a child…but still. If so, that poor child. I mean, I imagine this woman is only doing this to get her 15 minutes of fame and to get some money but…that poor kid will have to deal with it and be caught in the middle of this mess.

    • Ama

      Also this part “At the time I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to.”—So she couldn’t have used some other form of protection/birth control or told him ‘put a condom on or you’re not going to be fucking the shit out of anything’ or she couldn’t have taken the ‘morning after pill’ immediately after/the day after to make sure she didn’t get pregnant?

  • Claire

    I think where she really messed up her story is that she claims the private room he took her to was a bathroom. Really? He had his pick of ANY room backstage and he chose a bathroom? Suuuure. This is just hilarious. I can’t even. Hahahahaha.

    • Krissy

      I think it is possible. He looks young, but he is a 16/17 year old guy, and wanting to get with girls is normal teenage boy behavior. Totally possible. At least they have tests that can either squash this completely or confirm it.

  • Janaegal

    Ummmm, I was only mildly interested until I read what he said to her. Now I’m convinced that this is some elaborate SNL skit.

    • apriljan

      HAHAHA!! SNL is defo going to have a field day with this!

  • Andi

    Meh, I don’t care about beiber or the groupie, my concern is for the child. I think that this groupie is in it for the money and “fame”, not because she is doing what is best for her child. If she wanted to do what is best (i.e. give the child the opportunity to have his father be a postitive fixture in his life) she would have saved the media circus and approached them quietly requesting a paternity test and went from there, I’m sure the Beiber crew (if they aren’t in on this madness) would have been more than happy to oblige handling this quietly OUT of the media…

    All I can think of is that poor child (the new baby, not the young Mr. Bieber) is going to have to deal with this media circus for a long time, possibly for the rest of his life if Bieber did surprise everyone and successfully impregnate this groupie….ugh what a sh!t show

  • nicole

    funniest thing i’ve read all year.

  • jen g

    Baby, baby, baby, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t want to believe this! I am no giant fan of el Bieber, but I still don’t want to believe this is for reals!

  • Meghan

    She is said to have described the intercourse as ‘brief’—LOL!!!!! I bet it was!

    • Krissy

      I read another bit, and they quoted her statement as saying it took 30 SECONDS. Lol! This is all just creepy and funny at the same time.

  • Kelly

    I’m Canadian. Trent or someone help me out with the rules of the age of consent in the States? I’m confused with the whole thing.

    Age of consent, last I checked, was 16 in Canada.

    • Liz
    • Kelly

      Thank you.
      From my understanding from what I just read. That means she wouldn’t get charged because she is only 3 years older than him then?
      The most that would happen is that she is civilly liable?

    • may

      i see barney having a field day with that comment hehe

    • Krissy

      I think the age of consent varies state to state, I could be wrong though.

  • Nathan

    Really? Bieber is actually able to father a child? I think Bieber should say he did sleep with her, take the test which will likely come out as him not being the father, and she is now a sexual predator.

  • missanne

    maybe it’s Bieber’s dad! he’s seems douchetastic enough to do something like this…haha

    • @missanne — I mean … this thought did occur to me, to be honest.

  • gayana

    They’re going to play it out as if it’s not true even if it is…. You will NEVER know the truth!

    First he’s in love with Selena, second it can hurt his career, so I am 100percent sure this will get settled with the girl even if it’s true.


  • Carrie

    What many people are failing to see is that she filed a legal suit and signed an affidavit under penalty of perjury. Therefore, if anyone can prove that she did not, in fact, have sex with Justin Bieber (which TBH is impossible), she can be charged with perjury.

    This is not the case of someone going to a tabloid with a rando story, this is signed sealed and delivered to the good ol’ Justice System.

    She’s probably crazy nutso no matter WHAT the outcome, but the fact that it’s a legal suit does give it a little more validity.

    Also worth noting, in the state of California, these results of these suits remain closed. Even if it does come back that he IS the father, he can draw up some agreement with her promising her XX amount of dollars for the next 18 years with a privacy provision, and if she blabs, that figure can be cut significantly.

    Truthfully…. the truth will never be known.

  • shoesofpink

    I didn’t read all the other comments, but I personally find it almost impossible to imagine the Beibs gettin it on. In fact, the thought of it sort of skeeves me out. He looks like such a baby! Oh well, I guess this baby might be paying for a baby…

  • shannon

    He should request a paternity test, no questions asked. If this woman refuses to allow her child to be tested, it will raise a red flag and provide further proof that she’s a gold-digger.

    • Carrie

      By nature of filing the paternity test… unless his lawyers can either
      a) pay her off
      b) prove that he has never met her before in his life (almost impossible to actually prove)

      he will be forced to take the test.

      This isn’t just a claim… this is a suit.

    • joanna

      She is actually the one who is requesting Justin take a test.

  • Sarah

    No way !!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I am shocked that a 20 year old would actually say that she had … With a 17 year old, I mean yuk!!!!!
    I would hope she had better class
    Whatever- I would not be surprised if this is all fake
    I mean, she had the entire pregnancy and 3 months to say something so why didn’t she????

  • tiffany

    Didn’t read all the comments but I highily doubt Justin Beiber got some random chick pregnant. But bringing up this kind of suit shouldn’t negate the fact that if it were true she slept with a minor. That fact shoud not be out shown by her redicilous suit. I don’t think Justing shoudl have to pay her off it would just encourge those money hungry losers in the world to keep bringing baseless suits against him. Also do not think he should submit to any kind of testing, the girl carries the burden of proof and her child could be tested agianst the DNA of JB’s mother.

  • Chris

    Biebs can have his pick, so if he did what he’s accused of I think he’d do it with a MUCH prettier girl. Otherwise, it’s hilarious to imagine!

  • Kristin

    This chick is not even remotely attractive… no way this is true.

  • joanna

    Wow, a teenage boy saying anything to get a some play from a chick. Nope, never happens. Are you kidding me people? This stuff happens all of the time! Can’t wait to see how this plays out…anything is possible,lol!

  • Stella

    Wouldn’t this ruin Justin and Selena’s relationship?

  • Stella

    and it just disgusts me how people can go through so much trouble just for money and fame. Poor baby has to go trough all this for a father. It just breaks my heart to see what this society has become.

  • Valerie

    Ma Manz got it in!!:D

  • Valerie


  • lemon

    wow good riddance! i hope this case was true and bieber will retire from the scene forever!!!

  • layla


  • Jeana

    Just read that she was 19 and he was 16 when she claims it happened and LAPD will be investigating since in Ca that is considered rape. Wonder if she will change her story now….

  • Kate

    So after seeing his documentary (with my son- didn’t watch it of my own volition!) it seems impossible that this is true. He seems to have a tight crew of people watching/parenting his every move. His mom and dad are on tour with him. I highly doubt this. I think this chick is a nutter.

    Peace out.

  • Anonymous

    Hah. THis woman is setting herself up. She claims that Justin is the father. If he indeed is, then she can be caught for statuatory rape, as he was sisxteen when this happened. Also, if he isnt, since she lives in California, she can be charged with perjury. Either way, she loses.

  • Liza

    I dont think that Justin Bieber would be soo inappropriate..I mean especailly at the age of 16….He’s a good person and i think everyone should just BACK OFF and give the kid some persoal space..it is hard enough with the publicity always and you guys want to add rude comments from haters and fans to make it harder…hes just a kid…..imagine if it as you….

  • blankbody

    Aren’t we all glad Bieber is the spokes person for virginity pledges too? Perhaps we as a nation should reconsider sexuality education, aka provide comprehensive sex education for all young people.

  • Stephanie Hernandez

    Anything, I guess, is possible. I find it hard to believe that of all the fans in his sold out concerts he zeroed on this,err uh…shall we say “less than attractive” female and chose to lose his V card to her. My personal opinion is that she is a fame whore and knew no one would listen to her without her actually filing a suit. While I feel for Justin and Selena during these times…I feel for the child who is the obvious off spring of a crazy lady and is being used as a pawn for a fame seeker. I think she should be investigated- seriously! Hurry up and take the Paternity Test and then sue her for your legal fees!