Heidi Klum & Seal Monkey Around On Hallowe’en 2011


Over the weekend, Heidi Klum busted out a fantastic skinned human body costume for a Hallowe’en party she hosted on Saturday night. Last night, on actual Hallowe’en night, Heidi hosted her annual costume ball and showed off another truly fantastic costume. She and hubby Seal were dressed head to toe as apes that looked like they walked right out of the film Planet of the Apes. These costumes are amazing … check ‘em out below.

She had herself wheeled into the party on an autopsy table to make a killer entrance at her Halloween party on Sunday. But it’s clear that Heidi Klum still has plenty of fancy dress ideas up her sleeves and tonight stepped out as an ape, in a matching costume to her husband.The couple arrived at Heidi’s party as the primates, in costumes that were not only impressive but also extremely realistic. The model,38, looked unrecognisable in her ensemble and her costume boasted nipples to show she was a female under the coarse hair suit. As well as the moulding on her face and the ears the couple also had monkey feet and hands to finish off their look, no detail was overlooked when it came to this fancy dress ensemble. Heidi and Seal are famous for their love of dressing up and every year they renew their marriage vows in a themed celebration. The model is also no stranger to throwing an incredible Halloween party and plenty of stars turned out to help her celebrate the scary occasion.

Ok, let’s be real here … anyone can look this fantastic in a costume if they have enough money to buy the best of the best. BUT, among the people wealthy enough to splurge ridiculous amounts of money on something like a Hallowe’en costume, Heidi and Seal seem to be the ones that outshine everyone else. I think I preferred the skinned human costume a bit more over this one but these are impressive costumes. They look great, don’t they?

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • nicole

    heidi and seal always have the best costumes.

  • solidrighthook

    How could you ever have sex with your mate again after seeing them in this getup?

    • rOXy

      I was just gonna say…I think these costumes may have been the beginning of the end.

  • Keely

    While it’s true that if you have the money, you can more easily have fantastic, amazing costumes, seems like most celebs didn’t get the memo. Heidi actually puts effort and imagination into her costumes, while it seems (at least to me) that the vast majority of celebs out there just pick up a bagged costume like everyone else. I consistently go “Wow!” when I see what she’s come up with each year, most everyone else the best I say is “…Well, it’s not horrible”.

    That could just be me, though.

    (That’s not to say that others are terrible. There’s some really cute celeb costumes out there! Just not as many amazing, fantastic ones as hers.)

  • rOXy

    These costumes are great. As great as any Hollywood production, say…Planet of the Apes? I wonder how comfortable those were to party in? Did they make an obligatory appearance and then change into something more comfortable, or even worse, left after an hour so? I hope so because I think it would have ruined the party if people had to what those two in THOSE costumes on the dance floor. Their costumes are definitely works of modern performance art. Very inventive, colorful, interesting, warranting further investigation, everything art should be.

  • Shannon

    Love the costumes! But I always wonder what her poor kids did on the actual Halloween night. Trick or treating with the nannies?

  • One of the many many reasons why Heidi Klum is one of my FAVORITE famous people. And that is a rather short list. She has such a great sense of humor and joy in her life.

  • megan

    I love how much fun Heidi seems to have….her anniversaries and Halloween. I love her personality.

    As for what did the kids do on Halloween night…the kids are still rather young. I assume they went trick or treating early and then the parents had their parties….

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They always kill it!! Good for them…what a fun party to be at!!!