Epix Releases Teaser Clips From ‘Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour’


We are just about 2 weeks away from the Epix premiere of Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour and today we get to see some preview clips from the broadcast. I have to say, I’m a bit dismayed at this first look at the broadcast version of Britney’s electric Femme Fatale Tour. As you can see/hear below, all of the vocals for the performance have been replaced with studio versions of the songs … and the audience has been completely dubbed out. Additionally, the performance looks … really flat. Check out the clips below and see for yourselves.

Anyone who saw this show live knows that in person, the Femme Fatale Tour was much more lively … a lot more fun. This performance, for some reason, doesn’t look as alive … and the absence of the audience noise just … a bad call. Compare these videos to this fan shot video of Britney giving Joe Jonas a lapdance in London this weekend during her performance of Lace and Leather:

Even tho this video is not as high quality as the Epix clips, it deffo has more of an electric feel. I’m starting to get worried, y’all. I now fear that the Blue-ray/DVD release of the Femme Fatale Tour won’t be all that fun to watch :(

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  • nicole

    oh boy…those clips come off as some real half asses mtv performances. hopefully this dvd leaks out online, cause i was suppose to buy it for a couple for christmas…but if the dvd is like that, then i just cant.

    • Becca

      I’m totally with you Nicole! There’s no way I’m pying for it if it doesn’t get better than this. Epix really gone and did it this time :/
      Here’s to hoping it leaks!

  • She looks amazing. It is weird not hearing the audience but the quality is breathtaking. It was a hot show, I saw it twice, and I feel the energy coming back for me. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Wish they would bring back the tour audio, because she was actually singing..wonder why they did this?? Still happy that I get to replay this OVER AND OVER!

  • Jesse

    Anyone who was there knows aside from Britney and her dancers, the other performers were the audience and the adoration we showed! This like rips the soul out of the show.. Totally disappointed. It sucks because after the Staples Center show, I raved about the show to everyone.. Ugh as this is what they’ll see.

  • gabe

    what a mistake..i saw this show in Dallas and it was incredible. Epix has tweeted that THIS IS the audio from the Toronto show and they have nothing to do with the DVD…which we all know is BS cause she sang live most of the show. HORRIBLE. how can Team B approve this and think its OK?

  • WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT??? The fact that Britney actually sang live on this tour is what made it so fantastic – she’d finally proved the haters wrong, that she can sing live. One giant step backwards.

  • 9021O

    I just pre-rodered the DVD I’m so stoked!! I went to the show in Staples floor seating too close to the stage it was fun!! yes there was alot of audience cheering and karaoke sing along going on alot but I’m not wanting to watch the show for them or to buy the DVd for an audience, just like how I went to the show, I bought the DVD for Britney. it’s Britney Freakin Spears of course theres applause going on and cheering no need to prove it on the Epix version. Obviously this Epix was worked on to make it as high quality as possible compared to the youtube links. mabye that’s why they there wasn’t a Circus tour DVD because of achieveing the high quality televised. Wlel they achieved it on Epix this time around and I’ll be watching and waiting for my DVD to come in the mail!! ;)

  • Becca

    I’m totally bummed out by these clips! Didn’t get to see the show ’cause I was working in the arena that night and was totally looking forward to seeing the Epix cut of the tour.
    These clips are horrible! I’m so dissaponited. Not only is the entire sound of it riddiculous – but man! – the dancing. Epix apparently have no clue of how to flatter the artist. They’ve chosen angles and shots that make the entire thing look like a bad rehearsal…
    You’ve got it right when you say there’s cause for worrying Trent – I’d even go so far as saying that there is cause for A LOT of worrying :(

  • Amanda

    I am not happy about this. I was at that show in Toronto and it was way more fun then what they are showing. A concert dvd suppose to be including the audience and all the hype from that night. I always said I was going to buy this but I dont know anymore. I think its cool to have something on DVD that you were a part of but I dont know if I want to spend the money on it :(

  • Wade

    I think some people are being a bit dramatic here. Yes, the dubbing of the audio is absolutely ridiculous, but it should not come as a surprise because they dubbed the audio for the Dream Within A Dream DVD and the Onyx Hotel special. At least they are using the pre recorded vocals for some of the performances here.

    The footage looks incredible in my opinion. I’m not watching it for the audience, so i could care less about their involvement. they have way more than enough audience shots in the HIAM and TTWE performances from what we’ve seen.

    I’m still really excited to see this in full!!!

  • really?

    At the very least, she could re-record those songs so she could lip-sync non-album versions. we don’t expect every performer to do live shows, but come one. I already bought the album. don’t need to pay to watch the karaoke version. so sad.