Britney Spears & Fam Celebrate Hallowe’en 2011


While many of us celebrated Hallowe’en last night here in the good ol’ USA, our dear Britney Spears is currently on tour in Europe with her family so she and the fam did their celebrating in jolly ol’ England. A few photos of Britney and her sons — Sean Preston and Jayden James — along with boyfriend Jason Trawick, mother Lynne Spears and second mom Felicia Culotta have hit the Internets. Wanna see how Britney and co. celebrated Hallowe’en? Check out some fun photos below.

Isn’t this just the cutest family ever? They all look so great! Here is a photo of Brit, her boys and her 2 moms:

I love that Britney does everything she can to ensure that her sons live as normal a life as they can as they all tour the world together. These are cute photos, I’m glad to see that everyone looks like they had a great time together :D


  • Off topic, but did you ever post your big surprise? I’m afraid I missed it if you did! :)

  • ellobie

    I don’t really get what her costume is supposed to be? Sexy circus lady? Herself? Is Jason supposed to be Billy Bob Thornton? The boys are cute!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    OMG too cute!!!! Love the pictures.

  • Neil

    Jason is Sam Merlott from True Blood.

    • @Neil I say that every time I see him! <3 Pretty hot! As for Brit I think she is absolutely glowing with happiness and her boys look like they're are enjoying having a full family again <3

    • Rochelle

      I thought the exact same thing when I first saw him!!! Lucky Brit!

  • Missy28

    @ellobie, I’m pretty sure Brit is wearing a costume from the show she performed last night, and isn’t dressed up specifically for Halloween. She looks great!


    She isn’t wearing any extensions!

  • Jessica

    she looks so different with her extensions, but i still love it! they are just so adorable & i love how felicia is still a part of brit’s life despite not being her full time assistant.

  • Missy

    Is Fe a lady bug and, if so, why are her spots on the front?

  • Corey

    I LOVE this BUT in the end or 3rd pic with Britney and her Mom its like happy smile time and then in the last pic with Felcia we get dead eye/lazy from the “real” Mom. We all know Fe is the main one who really raised Brit for so long! It was jus funny and/or cute 2 see all of them so many yrs later! I love Brit’s new happiness 2! Always <3