Celebs Celebrate Hallowe’en 2011


It’s Hallowe’en day today but folks have been dressing up and celebrating since Friday night (Thursday night, in some cases) … and that includes celebrities. The official Twitter accounts of celebs have been blowing up with fun photos of some of our fave celebs in costume. Click below to see some of my fave photos that I’ve seen thus far.

Heidi Klum always brings it when she desses up for Hallowe’en and this year is no exception. Her skinned human costume is amazing. I dare say she is the QUEEN of celebs in costume. Zachary Quinto says he put his costume together at the last minute … and I’d say his “fireworks on the 4th of July” costume is a pretty good one. Nicole Richie as Jennifer Lopez is TO DIE! She looks fab. Joel Madden is Hunter S. Thompson, Glee’s Amber Riley is Nicki Minaj while Lea Michele is the Swan Queen. Bethenny Frankel rounds out this group as Hello Kitty. These are fun costumes … I can’t wait to see more!

What are YOU going to be for Hallowe’en tonight?

  • Wynter

    It’s Glee’s Amber Riley, not Heard.

    I can imagine Seal looking at Heidi and thinking, “Yep… I sleep with that.”

    • @Wynter — Whoops! Thanks for that, fixed!! xo

  • Marcus_Em

    My fiance and I were LMFAO over the weekend! We had a blast! Alot more people got it then I had expected!

  • Krissy

    Heidi is awesome. I love that she doesnt always go for the slutty look. I really like Michelle’s costume too,that is beautiful.

  • nicole

    im always impressed with Heidi’s costumes!

    • Sarah

      Ditto! She’s mos-def the Queen of Halloween

  • Kate

    Heidi looks good, but why do you insist on spelling Halloween so freaking weird?

    • @Kate — Hallowe’en is the original spelling … the word is a contraction of Hallow’s evening that is now spelled Halloween. Nothing weird about knowing your history :)

    • Maddie


  • ausettofegypt

    Heidi looks just like “uncle frank” from Hellraiser

  • Michele

    Heidi’s costume is crazy I was in Vegas for Halloween and the costumes were just nuts.

  • Michele

    I was lazy and just went as Ke$ha