Lindsay Lohan Proudly Shows Off Her Pearly White Teeth


A couple of weeks ago we got to see photos of Lindsay Lohan’s scary and terribly gross teeth … photos that were so disconcerting to see that her own father accused her of being a crack or meth smoker. Yesterday, Lindsay posted a link on her official Twitter profile that pointed a photo on her official Who Say profile page in order to show off her perfectly white, bright smile. Lindsay claims her teeth were merely whitened but it’s entire possible that she got her damaged chompers replaced with new veneers. Check out the photo below and see for yourselves.

Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom… My gums are so sore though!

I’m not sure that I entirely believe that Lindsay merely got her teeth whitened. The scary photos we saw before seemed to show damaged teeth rather than merely dirty teeth. Whatever she had Dr. Dorfman do, tho, her smile is perfect once again. I’m sure this big smile is a result of her new smile but it might also have something to do with the fact that her estranged father Michael Lohan is still in jail. I guess we’ll see if she still has something to smile about this coming week when she goes back to court to answer charges that she violated her probation. It’s gonna be another whacky week of Lohan insanity. OY!


  • Alana

    Yeah, I can’t believe that’s just a whiten :P

  • Brittany

    Just whitened my butt. Her teeth did not grow several cms over the course of a month. Just another way for this sad girl to cover up her mess of a life.

  • Lisaasil

    Did she get this done before or after her Playboy shoot? I guess it doesn’t matter because her teeth probably won’t be a feature in the spread.

  • Shannon

    Looks like new teeth but nonetheless it looks 200x better now!


    They look good! Usually when people get veneers they look horrible and horse-like, but these could be crowns, caps, or something. IDK. She’s still a db, though.

  • Carley

    i think she may have gotten veneers, because judging the past photos with these photos her teeth are TOTALLY different. there’s even kind of a different shape to her smile.

  • norcor

    definitely looks like veneers to me. obviously her teeth were in a shocking state and may have necessitated the veneers, but I always liked her natural teeth… I thought they had some character.

  • aimie

    lol… well she did just make 750,000!

    • @aimie — LOL, yes

  • robin

    her teeth were chipped before…no way this was just a whitening!

  • Ellen

    New set of teeth: check
    New set of parents: ………

  • Did she think that using dark blush would make her face look more sculpted and disguise the bloat?

  • Kevin

    She looks like Leann Rimes in this pic. Definitely new teeth.

  • Cee

    Who is curious how much she was paid to show off a new smile on Twitter? Bet those teeth just paid for themselves.

  • Katy

    I’m sure they were free if she mentioned the doctor.

  • Rachael

    Yeah she’s absolutely lying. And the scary thing is that this chick’s teeth are the absolute LEAST of her problems, since they are just a symptom of the drug use and whatever other bad life habits she has. This is like if you took an old beat up car with 300k miles on it and a bad/worn out engine, and then re-painted it, and said, “O.k. fixed!! Good as new!”

  • Alys

    Why not just admit to whatever if she’s going to make a big deal of it? I mean, if she really wants to review the guy, she should be on Angie’s List, Yelp or Google giving her props. I’m not sure she can actually spell but hey!

  • Nathan

    Zoom, vaneers. Potayto potahto, lol.

  • Nickthulu

    Even the highly touted “Power Swabs” whitener couldn’t clean her teeth.