Henry Cavill Get Shirtless AGAIN On The Set Of ‘Man Of Steel’


A couple of weeks ago we got to check out a few really hawt photos of actor Henry Cavill stripped nekkid to the waist on the set of the upcoming superhero reboot film Superman: Man of Steel. Today we get to see a few more hawt photos of half-nekkid Henry shooting new scenes for the film. This time around, Hank can be seen in front of a green screen in what looks to be a rescue operation scene from the film. Digital effects will be added later but we get to enjoy the hawtness now.

HMMMM … I’m starting to see a pattern here … hopefully Henry Cavill will be at least this nekkid for a majority of the film. I mean, I get that he has to wear the iconic Superman costume for some portion of the film … but, really, does he need to wear it for the majority of the film? I think not. Since Man of Steel will be a reboot film, maybe they can use the opportunity to change our image of Superman. I don’t know that many people would be unhappy to see 2 hours of Henry showing off his mostly nekkid body … do you? Alas, I fear this is but a dream for me. Still, we know that we will get to see half-nekkid Henry for some portion of Man of Steel so … that alone would be enough to get me in the theater to see this film ;) Judging by these photos, I am fully convinced that Henry Cavill will make an amazing Superman … would you agree?


  • Meghan

    I propose a new invisible costume for this film!

    • @Meghan — HERE HERE!

  • Grant

    I don’t think the pants are ripped up enough… :-)

  • Linds

    Good god… I want to have his babies.

  • laina