Justin Bieber Plays Dress Up

... For Hallowe'en?

Justin Bieber posted a couple of photos this week to his official Instagram profile that were either snapped on the set of a photoshoot … or in the midst of a dress-up session. In any event, The Biebs is seen rockin’ a mechanical glove that looks a lot like it came from Iron Man‘s closet. My guess is that these photos were snapped on the set of a photospread but just in case, click below for what might be an early peek at JB‘s Hallowe’en costume this year.

LOL. This kid. I suppose it’s possible that Biebs is trying out for the part of Iron Boy in an upcoming Iron Man film. I mean … it’s possible, right?


  1. Mariah

    Kid needs to lose the lesbian haircut and lean more towards something this style.

  2. Alicia

    Please don’t ruin steampunk JB :C lol!!

  3. “LOL.This kid” <– that made me choke on my drink haha, i seriously had the same thought in my head.

  4. MikeyGee

    he need to pull up his damn pants. Looks like hes sitting on the toilet!! lmao…so dumb.

  5. Just

    Is it just me or “this kid” ;) looks like Stefan Salvatores younger brother?! :D

  6. Stephen

    His team needs to stop trying to make him look hard and tough . . . go the preppy route or hipster route. This ain’t working but then again I don’t think I’m the target audience.

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