Justin Bieber Plays Dress Up


Justin Bieber posted a couple of photos this week to his official Instagram profile that were either snapped on the set of a photoshoot … or in the midst of a dress-up session. In any event, The Biebs is seen rockin’ a mechanical glove that looks a lot like it came from Iron Man’s closet. My guess is that these photos were snapped on the set of a photospread but just in case, click below for what might be an early peek at JB’s Hallowe’en costume this year.

LOL. This kid. I suppose it’s possible that Biebs is trying out for the part of Iron Boy in an upcoming Iron Man film. I mean … it’s possible, right?


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  • Mariah

    Kid needs to lose the lesbian haircut and lean more towards something this style.

    • JCZ

      Maybe the lesbians need to stop copying guys all the time?

  • Alicia

    Please don’t ruin steampunk JB :C lol!!

  • nicole

    “LOL.This kid” <– that made me choke on my drink haha, i seriously had the same thought in my head.

  • MikeyGee

    he need to pull up his damn pants. Looks like hes sitting on the toilet!! lmao…so dumb.

  • Just

    Is it just me or “this kid” ;) looks like Stefan Salvatores younger brother?! :D

    • cheryl

      Yes! I think this everytime I see a picture of him.

  • Stephen

    His team needs to stop trying to make him look hard and tough . . . go the preppy route or hipster route. This ain’t working but then again I don’t think I’m the target audience.

    • nicole

      i agree, im his target either, but i think the prep look would come off more natural with him