Watch: Angelina Jolie Releases A First Trailer For Her New Film ‘In The Land Of Blood & Honey’


In October of last year we learned that Angelina Jolie began work directing her first ever film in Prague. Altho she ran into a bit of trouble early on, she eventually got permission to film her Bosian war film in Sarajevo and ended up completing it on schedule. Today, a year later, we get our first look at the first movie trailer released for the film In the Land of Blood & Honey, which is due to hit theaters this December. Wanna check it out? Click below.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but this trailer looks much better than I thought it would. Blood & Honey looks like a terribly complicated story … one that looks, at least in this trailer, very compelling. Naturally, Ange is going to take heat from critics since this is her directorial debut but as a lay person judging the film from just one trailer … I’m impressed thus far. What do y’all think? Does this look like a compelling enough film that YOU might want to check it out?


  • Lady2176

    I would be willing to watch it. I know a lot of people won’t go simply because it was directed by Jolie, but I am not going to write the film off just because of the image the media painted for her. For all we know this could be one of the best films of the year. The trailer definately has peak my interest.

  • shoesofpink

    Looks like it could be very good!

  • sars


    • dani


    • sars

      It insists upon itself!

  • Claire

    This actually seems like a very dynamic film, I’ve only recently started to warm up to Jolie as a person, so as a tough critic of both her and movies in general, I’m definitely impressed so far.

  • lady

    I will for sure watch this movie. Impressive coming from Jolie a first time director and scriptwriter. Good Job.

  • Vanessa

    Looks very compelling and touching. I will definitely have to watch. Very impressed.

  • blaqfury

    Welp… that put me in the holiday spirit! LOL!

    I think I’ma pass, December is the one month that I’d like to take in purely jovial family films or holiday rom-coms, I’ll save the serious, mind provoking ones from Jan – Mid November.

    • Panti Christ

      It will still be in theaters then! :) It looks good!

  • rOXy

    Not my cup of tea. I am not usually for the dark, depressing art house types of films that leave too many questions unanswered so the audience can fill in the blanks themselves about what actually happened. Not saying this is that kind of movie, but it has the look of it. Too pseudo cerebral and intellectual in tone. The sequences do look beautifully filmed, though.

  • Debho

    Can’t this woman do anything light and funny? She’s always so dark and serious, it’s depressing.

  • gpgirl

    @debho: isn’t kung fu panda light and funny??

    • Debho

      Meh, cartoons don’t count.