Natalie Portman & Family Go To Temple

Mazel Tov!

In his very young life, baby Aleph — the only begotten child of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied — has already traveled to Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland … but today we get to see a photo of the little dude a bit closer to home. Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph were spotted as they made their way out of services at a Jewish temple in Culver City, CA. It would seem that Nat and Ben are keen on getting a jump start on Aleph‘s Jewish education.

If anything is worth offering thanks for, it’s the birth of a healthy, beautiful baby. So it’s fitting that Natalie Portman took her 4-month-old son Aleph to synagogue at the Ohr HaTorah Temple on Saturday in Culver City, California. The 30-year-old Oscar winner kept a tight hold on her precious cargo, despite the fact that he was safely strapped into a baby carrier. Protected from the October chill cutting through the Los Angeles sun, Aleph was safely inside her baby romper suit covered in a dog print. The Black Swan star was also joined by her fiance Benjamin Millepied, who followed Natalie out of the temple holding a baby bag.

David’s parents started their children’s Jewish education early on as well (believe me, I’ve seen the family videos) so this makes perfect sense to me. Honestly, I was unaware that Natalie was Jewish before her son was born (tho David tells me that Jewish upbringing tends to come from the mother’s side of the family) … but it seems pretty clear to me that the couple plan to instill as much of the Jewish faith as they can in their young son. With a name like Aleph, he is bound to grow up to be a good Jew :D

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  1. Corey

    I LOVE Natalie. She was born in Israel and is quite Jewish actually :). She has always been a great advocate for Israel, and I look up to her immensely!

    • @Corey — Huh. I don’t even know why I don’t remember that. I guess that makes sense, David tells me that Jewish upbringing tends to come from the mother’s side (his dad is Catholic).

  2. Kate

    I’m pretty sure Natalie was actually born in Israel, attended Jewish schools, knows Hebrew and was raised by Jewish parents. I thought she had also said in an interview a few years back that she wanted to raise her kids Jewish as well. I could be wrong, but my guess is that the desire to start Aleph’s Jewish education early comes from her side as well.

  3. erin

    I really hope this does not come out sounding bitchy, because I don’t mean it that way, but if they had taken him to church would you have said they were starting his “Christian education”? I think there have been photos of Reese Witherspoon taking her kids to church, but I don’t think you’ve referred to that as their Christian education. Just wondering why attending temple would be considered getting a Jewish education if the same isn’t true of attending church.

    (I actually believe that both church and temple ARE giving people a religious education, so my qualm is not with that concept. I just don’t see why taking a kid to temple is different from taking a kid to church.)

    • @erin — As I understand it, part of the Jewish faith involves children going to Hebrew School where they learn the Hebrew language, etc. leading up to their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. When Christians take their kids to church, other than Sunday school, it’s just a worship thing rather than an educational thing (i.e. learning a new language). I suppose the closest Christian equivalent would be Catholics whose children go to Catechism School. But I can’t think of any Catholic celebs off the top of my head. Does that answer your question?

    • erin

      Yes, thank you for explaining the distinction! (I still think church provides a religious education, but I do see the difference as far as formal education for children vs. general education for all.)

  4. Marisa

    Mark Wahlberg, Catholic celeb :)

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