Are Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds A New Thing?


Newishly single former Green Lantern co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem to have fostered a new romantic relationship in the past few weeks as sightings of the couple have been popping up all over the Boston, MA area. Recently, the pair were spotted as they left Ryan’s place in the wee hours of the morning … which some might refer to as the “walk of shame” the “morning after”. Now, it’s ENTIRELY possible that these former co-stars are “just friends” but … yeah, I don’t think so.

They spent the summer of 2010 together filming action film Green Lantern. But it seems a flame might have began to burn more than a year later for Ryan Reynolds and his co-star Blake Lively. The pair were spotted leaving Ryan’s Boston apartment this morning, sparking rumours that the couple are dating. Both looked keen to keep under the radar with the Gossip Girl actress, 24, wearing a floppy felt hat which kept her eyes hidden. She wrapped up warm in a leather jacket and black leggings with boots as the 34-year-old Canadian actor, who is currently filming comedy drama R.I.P.D in the city, walked her to her car. Accompanied by his dog, Ryan, helped Blake put some items into the trunk of her black SUV. Blake has just split with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, while Ryan’s divorce from his wife Scarlett Johansson was finalised this summer after they separated last December. The pair are reported by the New York Post’s Page Six column to have spent Thursday night out at Manhattan hot spot The Box to celebrate Ryan’s forthcoming 35th birthday, along with his friend Sandra Bullock.
A source told the newspaper: ‘He was definitely with Blake. Sandra arrived with the couple and a group, and they watched some of the burlesque performers. The group had a great time and stayed late. Sandra left with many of the others, leaving Blake and Ryan alone.’ They added: ‘Blake and Ryan were sitting downstairs holding hands and had bodyguards with them. They left together at around 2.15 am.’ Earlier, the famous trio had joined several friends for a private dinner in the city. ‘He and Blake were being really cute and affectionate together,’ another source said.

OF COURSE these two could just be doing the “friend” thing and friends have been known to enjoy TOTALLY PLATONIC sleep overs and maybe that’s what was going on here. BUT, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that these two really are coupling up … I think I approve. They looked good together on screen in Green Lantern (even if the movie itself was a total dud) so we know they have chemistry. I can see how Blake might want to get over her break-up with Leonardo DiCaprio by seeking comfort and solace from Ryan Reynolds. Ryan, for his part, has been looking for someone to help him get over his 10 second marriage to Scarlett Johansson … so this sounds win-win. What do y’all think of these two together? Do you approve?

[Photo credit: Pacific Coast News; Source]

  • EMMA

    Noooooo….. I want him and Sandra together!

  • Sabrina

    she is slowly sleeping her way through hollywood

    • @Sabrina — She is? What about him?

    • karen

      Right on, Trent. Thank you for that.

    • Joanna

      As was Kate Hudson until she recently got remarried :)

    • meh

      Pssh double standards much!

  • Megan

    Well that was a fast rebound. And when are him and Sandra going to realize they’re perfect together!

  • Dot

    Wasn’t he supposed to get married with Sandra? OK now seriously there is something about Blake I don’t like but I’m not sure what. As for them being together? It’s like with Sandra – I won’t believe until they confirm it officially.

  • Visitor

    They definately have my blessing ..

  • alejay

    girlfriend’s got GAME!

  • Stephanie

    I love Ryan Reynolds, but why does he insist on dating party girls who are 10 years younger than him?? He can’t complain if this takes a giant nose dive.

  • Ria

    On a purely physical level, they are beautiful together. Just beautiful. My dream come true.

  • laina

    She’s a slut!!!