President Obama Announces The END Of The Iraq War


President Barack Obama just announced in a press conference today that after 9 years, after the deaths of Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden and far too much American blood spilled — the Iraq War is OVER! President Obama has promised a FULL military withdrawal from Iraq that will have almost every single US Military person HOME by the end of the year! HMMMM … sounds like Mission: Accomplished to me!

President Barack Obama announced on Friday a nearly complete withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq by the end of the year. “Today, I can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home from Iraq at the end of this year,” Obama said. “After nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over. Over the next two months our troops in Iraq–tens of thousands of them–will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home.” Obama affirmed that he has been in talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and that the Iraqi government supported the American withdrawal. “We are in full agreement about how to move forward,” Obama said. Although it was extended several times, the timeline for withdrawal was originally drafted under former President George W. Bush and was a key campaign promise for Obama when he was running for president in 2007 and 2008. The military will keep about 160 servicemen and women in Baghdad to provide security for the embassy there. Since the invasion in 2003, the war has claimed the lives of 4,478 American service members.

This is AMAZING news! President Obama may not have started this war in Iraq but he has fulfilled his political campaign promise to end it. In just this year alone, President Obama oversaw the capture and eventual death of Osama bin Laden AND has announced the end of the Iraq War. I’d deffo say that he is doing his job and is doing it well. I am so thrilled for all those military families out there who will enjoy a Happy Holiday this year with ALL of the members of their family. This is such happy, such exciting news! Wooot!!!


  • jessica

    As the girlfriend of a former Marine, I could not be happier and more relieved to hear this.

  • Chris

    Unfortunately, most of these service men and women are being redeployed elsewhere. My BFF’s brother has done 3 tours in Iraq–now his unit is headed to Afghanistan in 6 months. So while I’m glad we’re exiting Iraq, I don’t think our troops are going to be home for long.

  • Adrienne

    Yes, bring our men and women home. Get them out of Afghanistan too. I just hope they don’t come to their houses being in foreclosure and they can find jobs. Maybe they’ll have to keep the Dems and Repubs from killing each other. It’s ugly out there.

  • Meghan

    Good news! The President is having a good week!

  • Krissy

    I am so glad they are taking them out of Iraq! We have been there for far too long!


    One of the most pointless wars in history.

    • Rus

      It had a point.. stealing oil, and funneling money to so many people involved..

  • DeeBee90

    This is very exciting news, I’m glad you blogged about this post, Trent. Please, do not forget the blood spilled by foreign military aid as well including South Africans, British and Canadians who still continue to carry out many peace keeping operations in Kandahar and still on my home front in Canada service men and women are returning home to be buried. Lest we never forget the service men and women world wide who have fought for our rights.

  • DeeBee90

    *I meant to type Kandahar as well as a Iraq for any confusion.

  • babybunny

    Yeah unfortunately doesn’t mean our troops are home. My sister is being sent to Afghanistan soon. :(

  • Hannah

    This is good news for sure. I want the troops out, but thanking Obama isn’t right. There were negotiations to keep people longer in Iraq but the Iraqi government wouldn’t agree to the terms so Obama and the government followed through with a timeline that was put in place before he came to office.

    • Krissy

      Thanking Obama isn’t right? Clearly the terms that were in place earlier weren’t set in stone, as many Republicans are saying this is the wrong move. The terms you mention were that American troops were not going to be given legal immunity, due to Wikileaks releasing documents showing the cover up of civilian casualties back in 2006 (pre-Obama). I think he IS right in bringing our troops back if they aren’t given immunity from the Iraqi legal system.

    • Hannah

      It was the right decision to bring them back. Obamas government were trying to get troops to stay. Negotiations fell through. If he had his way it wouldn’t be a full withdrawal so why should we thank him?

    • Krissy

      Obama was trying to get far fewer numbers of troops to stay with immunity, and as you say, it is the right decision to bring them back and he made that decision. If this were in the hands of Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Michelle Bachman, they would NOT be coming home, even without immunity.

    • Krissy

      To be more specific, there are 41,000 troops currently in Iraq. This summer, the Administration was trying to get only 10,000 troops to stay past Dec. 2011. That is less than 1/4 of the amount there now.

    • @Hannah — Well, you can thank whomever you like. I choose to thank President Obama, the man who is erasing all the damage done to this country by the previous administration.

    • Hannah

      Oh I think the previous administration screwed up big time. I just don’t get this love for Obama. He has proved through scandals like Solyndra that he is as corrupt as the rest of them in Washington and his only accomplishments really should be attributed to other people. I don’t think there is any other candidate running that can do better than him but just because he is the best option doesn’t mean we should fawn all over him.

      Like I said if he had his way troops would still be in Iraq, why should we thank him because he didn’t get what he wanted?

    • @Hannah — I, for one, am not fawning over anyone. I am just happy that the president that I voted for is making good on his promises. Based on what he’s done in office already, I’d say he’s worthy of another 4 years :D

  • Joanna

    While I want to believe this is good news all around, I think the good news is only for the troops and we should not be thanking Obama in any way. I believe he is using the ending of the war to get his approval ratings up just in time for his re-election campaign to begin. It all seems a little bit suspicious to me. I mean, why now? Why only when he is falling further and further behind in the poles and having a majority of the Republican Party turning against him? I am happy though that those troops deployed in Iraq will be home for the holidays.

    • Krissy

      It wouldn’t seem so suspicious if you actually looked into the facts of what is going on. As I mentioned above, the American troops were not going to be given legal immunity, due to Wikileaks releasing documents showing the cover up of civilian casualties back in 2006 (pre-Obama). I think he IS right in bringing our troops back if they aren’t given immunity from the Iraqi legal system. Do you think that our troops should stay in a country where their services aren’t valued by the country they are in, and are exposed to very serious vulnerablities?

      Also, the majority of the Republican Party has been against Obama before he was even sworn in, so it makes no sense to suggest that was his reasoning behind bringing the troops home from Iraq.

    • @Joanna — “I mean, why now?” Because he promised to end the war and bring home the troops BEFORE he was even elected president. You can be suspicious and look at this as a negative because, invariably, that is what Obama’s enemies will do but the fact remains — our president is fulfilling he promise he made to the American people. If you choose to believe that he is only doing this to look better in the “poles” (I think you mean, polls) then so be it, but who cares … he ended the war — “poles” or no polls.

  • ♥ nick ♥

    Great news thanks god.

  • Kari

    out of Iraq & into Afghanistan.

  • James

    He has always said that it would be this year.