Michael Lohan Believes Lindsay Lohan Will End Up ‘In The Morgue’


After Lindsay Lohan failed to report on time for her community service duty at the LA Morgue yesterday morning, new opportunities surfaced for her estranged father Michael Lohan to give new interviews on the matter. Daddy Lohan spoke with Hollyscoop about Lindsay’s failure to report for morgue duty yesterday by saying that if his daughter continues on her downward spiral, she will end up IN the morgue. I mean, how is that for an interview soundbite? It seems to me that every time L. Lo gets in trouble her parents get dollar signs in their eyes.

Michael Lohan has had some concerns about his daughter in the past, but it’s pretty apparent, he’s starting to lose hope. In a shocking statement to Hollyscoop, Michael had a grim prediction about his daughter Lindsay Lohan’s future: “[Lindsay’s] not going to be working at the morgue, she’ll be in the morgue.” He continues: “If that happens, there’s one person I blame. Well, two people. The doctor who wrote the prescription and Dina for the way she conducted herself through our divorce.” Michael also reveals that Lindsay Lohan has an addiction to prescription drugs. “The illicit drug use is bad enough but I really think the worst problems she has is the prescription drugs,” Lohan revealed to us. He added, “If I was around her, I wouldn’t let that happen. It just goes to show you, what I say is true.” Lindsay and her father haven’t spoken in a while. He tells Hollyscoop that he often tries to call her, but the calls will go straight to voicemail. Either that, or Lindsay just doesn’t pick up. And while he and ex-wife Dina Lohan have huge issues with each other, Michael says it’s time to put those problems aside. He told Hollyscoop: “I’ve put it on the table for Dina to sit down for the first time ever since we got divorced, in public, and put all of our differences aside for the sake of Lindsay.” Michael tells Hollyscoop he’s had it, and he plans to take action: “I am appalled, I’m furious and I am beside myself and I’m going to LA early and I am going to address each one of these situations to each one of these people.” According to Michael, Lindsay just has the wrong people surrounding her. “The other people…need to get the hell out of her life, and she needs the right people in her life.” As far as Lindsay going to jail, Michael tells Hollyscoop that’s not really the issue, but he doesn’t necessarily see it happening. “I don’t know whether [showing up late] is going to be the deciding factor whether she goes to jail or not. I would imagine not. Maybe she can turn it around but for her to show up late on the first day…I wouldn’t let that happen.”

This interview came shortly after Daddy Lohan made the claim that his daughter has been “smoking crack or meth”. So, while Daddy Lohan is bizzy giving interviews to any and everyone that will talk to him, his ex-wife and Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan is bizzy shopping a tell-all book about L. Lo’s drug use. I mean, perfect. All of this is PITCH PERFECT where the Lohan family is concerned. Is it any wonder that Lindsay turned out the way she did?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Nothing like pushing your already jacked up daughter even more over the edge by saying this kind of shit publicly!! This whole family needs to go on Survivor and really work out there crazy lives on camera on a deserted island. God, that would be gold:)

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal


    • Haleigh

      How about we leave them on a deserted island…WITHOUT the cameras? That would be the harshest punishment of all for this family!

  • Meghan

    This family is a case study in how not to parent!

    • SuzieB

      You ain’t lyin @Meghan. Seriously I’d hit the crack or meth pipe too if Dina & Michael were my parents!!!
      I’m not sure there’s enough therapy in the world to undo the damage these 2 parents of the century have done.

    • Northernladz

      Exactlly! How can someone treat their own daughter as a media whore and only want to make money or a name for themselves off of her demise. Sick!

  • Krissy

    I disagree with the way he went about it, but I don’t disagree at all with what he said. She WILL end up in the morgue, addictions kill people all the time. I think that he should talk to her directly, but at the same time adult stars can seriously lock out their parents in way that your averge person can’t. Especially when that parent is telling them to quit taking drugs, while the other one enables it, he probably can’t talk to her directly.

    I think he is a very crass person with a troubling history of abusing women, but I don’t doubt that he worries for Lindsay’s safety. If I was a parent whose kid was on the same track as Amy Winehouse, I think I would do everything, including going to the media, to change that.

  • Ella Bean

    Holy CRAP. That picture of her is scary and sad all at the same time. I was actually watching Mean Girls last weekend, and she looked so healthy and happy in that movie compared to THIS. I’d like to see Daddy Lohan put his words into action and actually DO something for Lindsay instead of just yakking to the media. I hope he actually means it this time when he says he’s going to do something.

  • Northernladz

    OMG After reading this and the post about her mom’s book…these parents are truly disgusting me. Do they even care about Lindsay, or just how to make more and more money off of her? Ugh! Can they please just go away!

  • Jonathan

    This is one of the sadder stories of its kind because she is truly talented. But she seems to be incredibly stupid with not an ounce of self-awareness at all. If that is the case then she has no hope. It’s amazing how smart she can seem on camera and how idiotic she is in her real life. Her addiction is one thing but the things that come out of her mouth. And now the horrible things in her mouth. Ick. LOL