Lindsay Lohan Enjoys A Smoke Break BEHIND BARS


After failing to report on time to start her community service sentence at the LA Morgue yesterday, Lindsay Lohan successfully managed to arrive at the center early this morning … to much media fanfare. As I understand it, she has been working hard all day long but has been allowed to take smoke/snack breaks at regular intervals. Click below to see photos of L. Lo puffing on her cigs as she gets some fresh air on the back porch of the LA Morgue.

I have to say … the sight of Lindsay Lohan sitting behind bars is a comforting one. I am, personally, of the mind that the only way Lindsay will learn her lesson and truly pay for her crimes is with a significant stint in jail. I find it very hard to believe that this community service will do anything to rehabilitate her. But if she were to be thrown behind bars — for real — she might actually change her ways. But, while that may actually never happen … we can dream … and hope … and, thanks to photos like this … we can pretend.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • RuthJ

    Who knew being in a morgue would make you hungry..

  • sarah

    seriously, why are we still talking about her

  • Megan

    How do you spend the day around dead people and then want to go out and smoke on break?

    • PixiesBassline

      How would you spend the day around dead people and then NOT want to go out and smoke on break? (If you’re a smoker);)

  • Claire

    LOL I’m loving the juice box.

  • ♥ nick ♥

    I’m happy great she in jail. Wow i hope 100 years in jail.

  • Meagan

    If everyone just ignored her, I’m not sure she would even keep up with all her shenanigans. Going back to court every month is the last thread that her fame is clinging to.

  • ChristineLA

    I am amazed that apparently nothing was learned from watching Robert Downey, Jr fight addiction for so long. Treating celebs with addiction with kid gloves just enables them to continue on the destructive path they are already on. Throw the book at Lindsey, give her significant jail time, I’m talking greater than one year, and make her EARN her way back, rather than giving her slaps on the wrist at regular intervals.